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Typical teenage girl

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レタリング Lettering
いかリング Ikaring - calamari

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4-kyu: the easiest level of the lettering exam, with 1-kyu being the hardest.

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Gothic: Simple, fixed with strokes. Like what you'd see on digital print.
Round: Similar, but no corners.
Mincho: Emulates writing with a brush, with all those important details. Similar to serifs in western fonts.

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In order to be correct, it would need to be 強烈, so it looks wrong.

資格 shikaku: Qualifications, requirements, capabilities.
刺客 shikaku: Assassin.

That's all for today. Aren't kanji jokes fun? The exams get very serious too. Last year, only three people passed the 1-kyu exam.

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Thanks OP.

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From this angle it looks like Masa and Kisaragi are holding hands.

Why is Professor adding hiragana here?

Furigana, so you know how it's supposed to be read.


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Thanks OP. All students have to get those certificates? Or just have to do it because they study art design?

Only those in design classes.

bump for reading

poor teacher

>That's all for today. Aren't kanji jokes fun?
I dont laugh at them, but I think they are interesting. thanks for explaining them for us

Are there 6 more people to be introduced?
Do they not have shoujo magazines any more?
Thanks OP. In these days with typing ruining many people's handwriting, I doubt there will be many good enough to be a professional calligrapher any more. I certainly would not have the patience to do such fine and precise work.

Remember to play the game if you haven't

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>Are there 6 more people to be introduced?
There's always more to be introduced.

>Do they not have shoujo magazines any more?
It's the ads that have changed.

>There's always more to be introduced.
That is one thing that always annoys me about manga, the cast always gets too big.

Last thread slid off page 10 before I could trim my autism to 2000 char post limit but yeah there is a new work officially announced.

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It's been a while so I'm listing this from memory but after final mag chapter she did 2 more 4koma format cbapters of Kuro in MTK (sort of epilogue/backstory) and then 2 more non-4-koma chapters in Kirara Forward (kind of a bangaihen since it can fit anywhere storywise). Around that time they announced an artbook and a gaiden (might be vol. 7 obi) that would include the aforementioned new chapters plus 3 additional magazine chapters that never got serialized in the 7 main tankoubon due to page limit constraints; as well as another ~10 pages of 'exclusive content' (just some closure from nijuku/sanju side). Between that time and up until artbook release she was busy with Yggdra's mobile port and the exclusive shop bonuses (think BD bonuses aimed at manga otaku) for Kuro v.7, the gaiden, and the artbook including work done arranging/commentating said artbook. Along with her ongoing job overseeing Kirara Fantasia's general art (concept art/backgrounds/OC characters) I can see her schedule being filled up to the point where I believe she missed the Kiraraten book signing/mural. Oh and this kirara exhibit had an artbook with ~4 pages for both Kuro/GA and a couple extra for the mobage concept art. There was also an official comiket doujin for the mobage 1st anniversary at Houbunsha's booth that she had a page+commentary.

After artbook was released it included a special letter addressed to (you) that basically announced a new work was in progress or at least planned. Currently aside from any ongoing mobage work (they added GA/Kuro characters so scenarios+outfits), I think she's just 'updating' the digital versions of GA/Kuro for Comic Fuz. I say updating but because I don't rip Fuz I dunno if it's any better quality than the old digital tanks or what Yenpress had access to so it could be Houbunsha just rereleasing from their archives. I do know she was still doing physical manuscripts for black and white pages and digital for colour pages circa v7 of GA.

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Great and I misquote. Here's a page from the kirara book.

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>it could be Houbunsha just rereleasing from their archives
It most likely is.


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