Soft seinen

Soft seinen

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MHA is better than Wan Piss

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ITT: Children

Including you.

no such thing.

Seinen = good

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that better be bait
otherwise I need you to go look up some words

Naruto would drastically improve if it was a Seinen.

violence isnt mature

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Imagine if Naruto goes Berserk on Obito and starts bashing his face to a pulp before tearing him apart.


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>lgbt rainbow
of course

but Yas Forums watch all of these??


Hokuto no Ken was published by WSJ but nowdays it's considered a Seinen.

Teens are just pussies today.

>but nowdays it's considered a Seinen
No it isn't. Unless someone doesn't know what seinen is. Which is a lot of Yas Forums.

It is by stores that are putting it in the seinen sections

>Retard doesn't know what a spectrum is
Must be a mhafag

No it wouldn't

And where would this be? Preferably from Japan. Also I've never seen shonen or seinen sections of manga sections in the US either, and the US' definition of seinen is meaningless anyway.

This is probably the worst Yas Forums meme

To be fair it is kind of a bitch how that whole group pretty much is bogarting refracting light

>boku no hero is shoujo

It was just a prank bro.

rainbows are cool fuck faggots for trying to take ownership of them

>fuck faggots
Please do, I'm ready~

>his only association with rainbows is LGBT even though they've existed for millenia
Found the IRL faggot

Manabi straight is the best thing ufotable has ever made.