Why is every lolicon manga the same type of blueballing bullshit?

I haven't found a story in which the loli and older guy end up romantically involved seriously. It's always open endings and timeskips where the guy fucks her when she's already a teen/adult. Why would you try to be a "moralfag" when adressing such a taboo subject in the first place?

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Editor mandate. The magazines don't let them do it. It's like the Oreimo author who wasn't allowed to make the incest explicit.

You cant even consider those ''lolicon mangas'' then, dumb chud.

why dont you just read a hentai

Because loli is actually disgusting, not for moral reasons, but physically.

Because no sane person wants to be a pedophile.

Kodomo no Jikan took it as far as it could actually. Rin looks literally the same when she is older and gets together with sensei.

You have to go back

All the mangas are blueballing,what do you expect?

Flat teens >>>>>>>>>>>> loli, deal with it.

can we talk about what is happening to the kickstarter? they sacked yet another KnJ manager

Youre telling me to go back to based department?

>can we talk about what is happening to the kickstarter? they sacked yet another KnJ manager
I forgot about the KS, and that was way back on 2015 (?), what happened? it was never released?

Why are you baiting? are you straight from some sjw site? so you are for real? yikes

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they screwed over few kickstarters and we're still waiting for the rest of the kickstarters to be fulfilled

at this point it's a pipe dream

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Hell, I didn't know.
I remember the KS, I really wanted to support it, but moved away due to my job and I couldn't (back in 2015-6 IIRC, man).
Totally forgot all about it until now.
Shame, I really wanted the physical manga of this; must sucks to the supporters.

Why waste your time,
just watch some hentai or read a loli doujinshi

The Excel Saga manga, but I don't know if you consider robots to be "loli".

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To be fair she kissed his dick back in school.

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Yas Forums told everyone they were a shit group so anyone who wasted money on another scamstarter was a fool and deserved it.

it was promising enough until they fired everyone that guaranteed these promises

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poor little user has a pencil dick and can only realistically see himself pleasuring little girls

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Sometimes user robots can be little girls too~

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Roastie, why do you care about my 3dpd dick? are you hiding something?

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That pose means she is requesting me to lick the sweat off of her thighs, right?

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thats the smallest no ass in the noasses history.

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Who fired the good people? Was it a SJW takedown or wth.
Have they delivered NOTHING from the KS?

Really you can't expect a true loli ending in a normal manga. Read loli manga for the journey, not the end. Know that the end you read is (probably) not what the author wanted, so use your imagination a little. IF the end is all that matters go read some h-manga.