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Requesting Cirma Garahau based on Lelouch's design with her colour scheme. Include versions with both masks if you like and alter the helmet's design as you please.

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This picture, but with animu girlz.

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Requesting the stalker from Perfect Blue as a horribly cheesy male idol.
Maybe doing the pose on the top left towards a crowd of cheering fangirls.

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Requesting kung-fu master Yoshiko

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Smug nagito in warm weather attire

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requesting oppai lolis to draw

Requesting this panel from Dreaming of Utopia, but with this beast hunter from BNA as the one sitting in a chair with a smoke, complaining about how beastmen are worse than gooks, fags, otaku and chinks.
1: it's a sunset-lighting scene in this screencap, so in addition to factoring that in for the color of his clothes, just give him Brock's skintone to indicate he's under neutral lighting. Anime tan guy skin color.
2: He doesn't normally have shadows around his eyes.

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Requesting Karen Kujo posting on a brit Yas Forums thread. In one of two scenarios.
> Alice Cartelet walks in on her
> Both Karen and Alice are shit slinging with each other on Yas Forums without either of them knowing who the other is.

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Requesting Dyspo the Pride Trooper wearing Jeice's clothes.

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Requesting Sophia making a cliche and hackneyed woke Twitter post

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requesting Chifusa with bigger boobs trying on sexy lingerie in an underwear store. Maybe Kaede is spying on her as well.

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Requesting pic related with Kaoru Toudou and Akihisa Yoshii from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

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Requesting this scene from the Gate manga redrawn with the anime art style, without censorship of course.

Requesting a digital version of this drawing, if possible.

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Requesting Kon the shikigami and Senko-san the kitsune giving their spiels/arguing over who is better

Feel free to do something different though, I just want to see these two foxes doing their thing together

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/r/ing Hiasa being rescued before getting axed. Drawfags that've seen Babylon know what's being referenced. or just give her a full body picture with her mouth taped shut and maybe cuffed wrists and ankles.

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Requesting Frolaytia Capistrano wearing Bremerton's tennis outfit

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Requesting mami tomoe dressed as tio plato

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Requesting this character from Magi being auctioned naked as a slave in Qishan.

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Previous Deliveries

draw your favorite character doing a backflip

Put it in one image you dumbass. MS fucking paint

Requesting Witchblade Garnet

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Requesting Ryuko wounded with a big hole in the abdomen

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Requesting goth girl Asahina

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You got this a couple threads back

Requesting Lumberjack (files.catbox.moe/js8tly.png) showing off like this gervits.com/wp-content/uploads/import/Nude/01-900x1126.jpg

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+massive tits and then we'll talk

not really

Requesting Ryou, Kirin, and Shiina standing in a breadline in a socialist country waiting to get one ingredient that will be shared between them as their meal for the day.

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Massive tits in the abdomen?