What was the edgiest shit that you've read? Mine's pic related

What was the edgiest shit that you've read? Mine's pic related.

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Does your edgy stuff have a scene where someone is raped up the arse, but making an ahegao from being raped, while the rapist has his head sliced off by another murderer mid-ahegao?

Sign up for Dead Tube today.

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This is pretty interesting; just read ch. 1.
Nothing super edgy, but I like the protagonist's distorted inner monologue.


Literally in the name

where did you read that? , I can only find up to chapter 11 translated, unless u know moonrunes ofc

you can find the new chapters on mangadex.

dex is up to ch16

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I've read too much edgy crap, I don't even know.

Zoku Sensei no Okiniiri!
Maybe not the edgiest, but it left the most awful taste after reading it

care to give few examples?

one piece

Is this a real manga?

Fairly easy to confirm that it exists, no?
But yes; it exists, and it contains that scene.

Have you read Satanophany?
It is literally secret evil science group subliminally and psychologically manipulating highachool girls to insert the personalities of past serial killers inside them and turning them into assassins.


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DeadTube was probably my first time seeing just how edgy trash manga can truly get

This one is the good kind of edgy, with a healthy mix of being campy

Define edgy first.
too many to count both ways. But i haven't found the pinnacle edge yet

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I thought Misu Misou was pretty crap, honestly.

I forgot what it was called but it was some hentai manga where
>a beta midget dude who worked at an adult products store and took in an itinerant high school girl to live with and dom him, all while he was he building a sex doll mannequin in her likeness.
> At some point the girl's pervert teacher found out and blackmailed her, and the girls best friend who liked that teacher, misunderstood the situation and acid attacked her.
it was a wild ride, but I'm ambivalent about reading it or similar material again

That wasn't hentai, that was Ibitsu.

thanks mate. thats the one.

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What a pointless garbage.

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The weirdest thing in that manga is not the gore, or the stupid edge, or the writing or the stupid arcs but the fact that the used good is best girl.

user there are much more gorey manga than that out there. But good taste

Akazukin Tokyo

this is less edgy because it's clearly played for laughs. In OP's case the ridiculous tragedy porn is unironically meant to be taken seriously

Incredibly based

I'm always on the lookout for ecchi that isn't action based, but is explicit, violent and dramatically depressing and psychological.
I also find mixing bleakness with trying to arouse the audience actually more arousing.

I do kind of admire lack of self-awareness and lack of irony however.

Hellsing, but it didn't feel very edgy

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Used goods usually is.
Have fun with your shit-at-sex virgins.

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