To Love Ru is super interesting

To Love Ru is super interesting

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This thread is super doomed.

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how come the manga goes full lewd with mikan in the manga but not the anime?

Some combination of different media, different broadcasters, and different standards.

Because if they had some networks would have gone the way of dropping it like Ishuzoku Reviewers. I'm honestly interested how they'll handle Tsugumomo if it ever gets to the parts where Kazuya has to dry hump the shit out of the girls to get their energy back, and the more recent chapters where shit is going to near porn levels

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To avoid controversy. You already knew that though.

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I hope Yabuki does a spinoff someday. I really want more Momo.

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>tfw still waiting for Black Cat 2

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Relax. Have a nice drink from DollarBuck and enjoy the thread while it's here.

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If Yabuki ever draws Mikan getting inseminated by her brother in his galactic imperial harem, I'll even consider becoming a buyfag.

is it bad that I want to fuck Mikan's butt until it bleeds?

Let's see some nipples

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>is it bad that I want to fuck Mikan's butt until it bleeds?
Yes, you should instead fuck it until she is pregnant.

alright but theyre kinda hairy

Wow, sex-ed really has been thrown out of the curriculum.


I'm surprised it took until 2019 for someone to pick up the idea from Trouble-Quest chapters.
One more reason to learn moon-runes

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I didn't claim he could impregnate her buzz, I just said he shouldn't stop fucking it until she is pregnant.

>not fucking someone until they're pregnant in every hole

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Mikan is super interesting

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What do you think about all the different girls' dream ends.

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which chapter is this from thought?
don't remember seeing this.

You can tell she knows that everyone thinks she is the hottest piece of ass in the galaxy, regardless of her age or blood relations.

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Every non-harem ending is a nightmare not a dream.

What wrong with it?

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Well said, user. It's Rito's dream end too.

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what did Yabuki mean?!
tissue paper
hands touching
ice cream popsicle dripping
her tongue

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