Buyfag thread

And they don't stop coming

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Read the guide

must be nice being a clockfag

do these fancy figures even have nipples? i wouldn't buy one if they didn't.

That's the question

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im not talking about porn characters though, im talking about your average anime chracter. if you drop stacks on a figure, does it at least have nips?

Neither I am, thats the question

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Waiting for more Ishtar and Medb (my wife) news...

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Hey, those of you with Philena.
We're several months after her release, how do you feel about her still?


hmmm should i preorder from amiami or 1999?

Can you pay for adult goods with paypal if you're using a proxy? or does the credit card only limitation still apply?

Doesn't really matter in my experience since both have pretty much the exact same prices now. HS might be a little quicker to ship your crap if you use PayPal preapproved. Otherwise it's pretty much the same.

You can.

I hope my lewd books arrive before the shanghai shivers rip japan a new one.
What have you nerds pre-ordered from c98 so far?

How many recolors are we going to get? Do we have enough to make a sentai team yet?

>before the shanghai shivers rip japan a new one.
Too late for that Jim.

How bad it is? Will they end up using my books to cook whale?

post preorders/orders stuck in shipment hell

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wich toohoo wud u fug

Still one of my favourite and best figures

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Absolutely worth it. I got the microfiber towel as well, have it sandwiched between some plexi on my wall.

How many boxes do you guys have in purgatory right now?


My country is still receiving EMS packages

0. All of my pre-orders are getting delayed before release.

2.One of them is a birthday gift for someone, but their birthday isn't until June so hopefully it'll be here before then. I got it so early because it was a good deal, I should've sprung for EMS, it would've been here by now. But since I'm a cheapskate I went with SAL and now it's going to be forever before it gets here.

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Three. One from Manda, one from GSC and one from a private seller in Japan. All EMS.

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>What have you nerds pre-ordered from c98 so far?
Nothing. I haven't looked too hard, but if Pochi doesn't drop something I just won't order right now.

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My room is mad dusty famo, I should buy an air purifier, anyone have experience with those

Mine was broken and I didn't really do anything about it, still doesn't bother me at all

I was an early critic of nendoroid dolls when they first introduced them, but they've grown on me, so I'm getting my first two. I wish cu-poches weren't dead.

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