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Why Saitama wasn't a part of HA raid team?

Saitama has very quickly raised from bottom of C class to rank 7 of B class without even reporting his deeds except for his C class days, he is known by HA to be pretty strong and there were multiple witnesses of his abilities, who reported his victories for him. Yes, some people accuse him for being credit stealing fraud, but if HA executives believed it, they wouldn't raise his rank, right? Sekingar put a fricking Gearsper, guy, who can't really controll his powers, in support team, but not Caped Baldy? This just seems weird to me.

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Probably for plot purposes °~°

bad writing

The reaid team was comprised solely of volunteers, who seeked promotion, as I recall. Saitama wasn't even aware of this operation

They know they are strong but they don't believe that he is S class level, Gearsper was put in support because his abilities would allow him to do things like sensing danger or locate secret passages, Caped Baldy is psychical type so he wouldn't do anything other that Superalloy Darkoilshine or King can do
+ Saitama was still a hero for like 2-4 months and they need to choose only the most trustworthy, that's why they discard Genos too

Is that Monaco?

Boros is a fucking chump

>that's why they discard Genos too
Genos wasn't informed on this operation because of the high risk of the existence of a mole among the HA and CE were suspecting him to be the one. Jeez, the amount of speed'o'sound readers in these threads...

>didn't choose him because they needed someone trustworthy
>they didn't choose him because they suspected a mole in the association, TOTALLY different
you're the speedreader here, of online comments

Would you?

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Not proper clothing for a girl

Because this isn't fucking Naruto, it's a comedy about a lukewarm dude surrounded by tryhards. It's almost "The Big Lebowski" but with superheroes.

thx for the bump

DO-S died but her outfit will live on forever

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will he fodderize tank top master and metal bat

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Tank Top Master easily. No one knows how strong Metal Bat is.

Contrivance for the sake of letting the side characters shine

You say that but they didn't bring any of the other top A class heroes on board either.

who did it better

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the webcomic. The fact that it's still such a weak looking monster makes it more shocking looking.

Very few people know that Saitama is actually strong and not a cheat. His reputation is that of being a cheat and the organisation only raised his rank to test him and see if he actually had any potential. The organization is also mindful there may be traitors.

King wanted Saitama to come but couldn't get a hold of him. Noone else who knows how strong Saitama actually is and who thinks this is a very serious matter would want to turn to Saitama for help. Bang is already a very strong hero and he sees Garou his responsibility, and already got King and his big bro to help in any event. Fubuki also couldn't get a hold of Saitama and also teamed up with other strong fighters. So who else would've reached out to bring Saitama in before now? There isn't anyone relevant for that role.

The comic looks of Sperm in the comic is quite amusing, but the followup where Atomic shattered him into pieces before being bubbled was pretty cool. Both have merit.

Comic for me. I like all the mini sperms posing and he looks cool in his beefy version showcasing all his other selves combining into one.

I like the webcomic a little more because Sperm looks so ordinary, but so uncanny valley. You really get the feeling of "what the fuck am I dealing with" when looking at him and his deformed limbs.

Did Murata actually think those little shitty ones were funny?

considering Yas Forums started to meme the fuck out of them, i would say he succeeded


Would you really want to trust Caped Baldy with a sensitive mission when you know he lives with one of the guys you don't want on the job?

This guy

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Did Atomic always have that backup sword in the WC? I remember Garou mocking him for not having a sword during their confrontation so maybe that is a new addition so he can fight properly this time.

It's actually pretty impressive how much of the base Atomic cut. Murata should have put more emphasis on it to show properly the scale of their fight.

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>lose to ENW properly

they're hilarious