One Piece

Literally who

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Fuck Vivi!

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Wakey wakey carrot haters

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She's in

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How have they already managed to make this raid boring? I'm still waiting for someone to even mention the fact "Hey, we have no shot of winning whatsoever if Big Mom joins the fight"

It's not a raid anymore, it's an adventure.

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So is the Flying 6 just X Drake's crew?


Long walks in the dunes of Alabasta at night
Only her future husband Luffy can do that

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Can they stop Queen's FUNK?


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This threads requires more carrot

Hawkins will join the Marines.

Luffy is for Law.

*Sucks Zorojuro dry*

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Carrotmuslims should be banned. They contribute nothing, just like Carrot

Franky would join him.

>doesn't have an affectionate nickname
how will vivifags ever recover

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I love her

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Can't find the chapter

*sucks hundreds of old men dry*

Please don't conjure such lewd fantasies about my wife.

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How old is he?

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we never got sulong with this outfit, such a shame , and based on what kin said, neither will we get it for the beast pirates one

>implying Queen and Apoo won't be performing at the SH victory party

BASED Hiyori trained Zoro by sucking his dick in order to avoid Enma draining his haki.

NoI think he's the only mole.

>*sucks hundreds of old men dry of their money*


>and based on what kin said, neither will we get it for the beast pirates one

he said that as soon as they get taken off of damaged they will disappear, so the moment carrot begins to fight the costume will disappear

Sulong doesn't make clothes explode.