Blueberry, vanilla or chocolate?

Blueberry, vanilla or chocolate?

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Fuck Illya
Marry Miyu
Kill the other girl

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK every time I see Kuro I have to do it. It's like I can't resist the urge and I'm not even a pedo. I'm starting to believe she's a succubus in disguise.

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Neither, I choose grape

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Aren't succubi supposed to be Satan's minions or something?

I bet it doesn't taste like icecream

What is happening is this image?

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I'll have the superior version of all 3

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It's mostly semen at this point.

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Fuck Miyu, marry Illya, kill Kuro

How about non you pedo

Neapolitan ice cream, onegai. Failing that, I want mint chocolate chip.


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Prisma Illya genuinely has kino fight scenes and one of the best renditions of EMIYA out there.

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If you choose Illya you get miyu and kuro for free

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Should I watch Prisma Illya? So far I've only watched Apocrypha and Last Encore

>draw 16-year-old hags
>say they're 11
Fuck this franchise.

Have you not read F/SN at all or at the very least Zero?

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Japs are based as always

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Kind ice cream-selling ojisans invite you for a test-dri... I mean, degustation.

>there are people who call Prillya a "loli" anime
Completely delusional.