Kaguya-sama S2

Episode 03 is out

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Kaguya has the cutest reactions.

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>meeting with a pretty boy late at night when in a relationship with his senpai

is there a sluttier woman than Kaguya?

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>it's a recap episode

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this episode kinda sucked

Did you worship your goddess today?

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Why is she so autistic?

No one can beat the prez

How do you people watch this when the main heroine looks like she's Nyarlathotep's granddaughter?

nyarlathotep was a pink haired cutie?


The rest from the previous thread:

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Depressing? yes, but in a good way

>Nyarlathotep's granddaughter
Are you saying that is bad? Because that is not it.

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So what chapter do you want to see the most this season?
The least?

I remember when i read this, now it felt nostalgic.

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next week

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Why do you try? It's like Takagi all over again and you were all cucked from NTR by a timeskip, by a 4th wall smug comment no less. Even more so with Kaguya & Prezs current relationship, it's like you're saying, I'm an idiot, give me attention please.

I teared up at chika crying and kaguya pulling prez's arm at the end not gonna lie

Ballon confession

Why is she so creepy?

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The Shoujo parody chapter, but it probably won't make it

the anime is such shit, only salvageable thing are no-context reaction screencaps

Me too bro, this adapted really well with some original scene.

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She goes out shopping with Ishigami then lies to Shirogane and says she can't leave the house

I can't believe Kaguya is a beta orbiter

you think Aka is setting up something? Or are we just being paranoid.
Aka may be going insane and his sales may be dropping, but surely he wouldnt go down THAT road, would he?

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The "Papa Shirogane Sports Festival" Chapter.

Is Miko lino going to appear next episode? Also, will she have alot of screentime this season or will it mostly focus on the main four characters?

I'm not complaining because the few chapters dedicated to Kaguya and Miyuki interacting post confession have been some of the best chapters in the series.

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So is the manga still in shitstorm mode?

She's barely a character outside of her dedicated chapters (her introduction arc, her wanting to quit). In most of the student council room shenanigans, she exists to be the punchline at the end with her walking in on a situation and misunderstanding it. At least for most of this season. She won't be a big player for quite a while (it can be argued she still isn't in the manga).

We need more

I'm looking forward to Hayasaka wants to seduce.

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>So what chapter do you want to see the most this season?

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It obvious

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i miss the cubari

>all night
Beautiful chapter


I pity the Toubunfags, they never get kino chapters like this.

Delete this image immediately

I feel bad for Ishigami, being friends with the leader of the NTR gang is a bad idea.

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>Scenes that genuinely remind you of childhood
The dad pretty much sealed it

Ah okay thanks for the info.

Sorry but it's the official cover

Fun fact: this cover has been posted in the manga thread for a month, but only now this shitposter-nrt appears
very curious actually

Think of her as the "Ishigami" of this season. Introduced a few episodes in, and then only appears every so often after that for the same joke over and over again. Meanwhile, this season Ishigami pretty much gets promoted to secondary MC behind Prez/Kaguya, especially once we get to the sports festival.

At least toubun has no NTR and Yotsuba is faithful to her husband