It was ok. I dont get why its referenced so much. Over hyped to be sure

It was ok. I dont get why its referenced so much. Over hyped to be sure.

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And who are you to decide that?

Because I am only tell the truth.

> Hey guys I don't think poopygalion is amazing look at me

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It was good for it's time.

These eva bait threads are getting old

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It was overhyped even when it was new and influenced a lot of the industries.
So you saying it's "ok" right now, when its old and everything it had for it is now standard, is a good sign.

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It's another "EVA is overhyped" thread

Evangelion didn't influence shit though, there's literally nothing new and original in it

all fucking eva apologist must fucking hang

It started the whole take a long drink and then make a really loud PAH! noise.

>Evangelion didn't influence shit

You have no idea how fucking wrong you are.


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So it's cool to hate on Evangelion because "reasons" now? This is like the second thread I've come across today.

You don't understand how influence works. Evangelion could be entirely derivative of prior works, but people seeing particular elements in it for the first time and taking them into their own works are being directly influenced by Eva, not its own inspirations. Saying it had no impact on anything that came after is absurd.

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But most of Evangelion's inspirations like Yamato and Tomino's works were and still are popular in Japan. Sure, there are other stuff like older sci-fi series and religious symbolism but those aspects weren't influential since they're still pretty rare to see in anime


What does that even mean? Art is timeless.

What if Asuka was a robot piloted by a small unit 02 that is piloted by an even smaller Asuka, so small in fact that she could crawl up the peepee and stimulate the testes from inside?

>I dont get why its referenced so much
Because you weren't alive in 1995, let alone an adult.

I know hating Eva is popular on Yas Forums but this is just being in denial
>The rise prominence of original TV anime
>Ridiculous levels of merchandising

I haven't seen Dual yet but the others aren't really that similar to Eva. Believe it or not, mecha anime existed before Evangelion and they used the same tropes Eva did.

and by "not similar" I meant on a rip-off level. Of course there are similarities since they're all derivatives of Tomino's works

>No actual argument
>i'i will call it bait that will show him

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fanbases are dumb

Can't say I've ever seen such a bold take before.

Because the Eva fanbase is fucking retarded and are too immature to accept any form of criticism (as you can see by the VERY COMPELLING ARGUMENTS they are posting in this thread). It's a decent anime, but to the Eva fanbase, that means you hate it and are a contrarian. They're essentially that college guy in the bar in Good Will Hunting.

you first