JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Why do Part 3 and 5 have such boring protagonists? This in a series where even every other JoJo has some interesting elements to their character

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Jotaro is awkward but Giorno is bland af and indefensible.

Wait for Reddit to argue he´s underappreciated ITT though.

Jotaro is slightly better, only because he's so gary stu that it starts to get funny after a point, but yeah, they are both pretty bad.

Who cares about Giorno, everybody knows that in JoJo, the other protagonists and antagonists outshine the main character when it comes to characterization.

Except in Part 2 and 6.

Yeah ofc

>Everyone who disagree with me is reddit

>true statement

7 as well in my opinion, although I don't know Yas Forums's consensus on Steel Ball Run

Yas Forums loves part 7. By far the most consistently praised part.

No one in part 7 has the same level of characterization as Johnny except Gyro.

Speaking of which, I have a question about Gyro, and I say this as a fan of part 7 - why is he such an asshole early on? I recall him not giving a shit if people lived or died, and then intentionally leaving people to die. How is this consistent with his supposed role as a good guy later on?

Early characterization weirdness

Part 5 is a redo of part 3.

Fire punch deserved to have better rating on mal than steel ball run.

>Part 7 is a redo of part 3

Jotaro is the best JoJo though. He's cool and he gets shit done, that's how a MC should be. Almost every other Jojo is a loud obnoxious retard

But Giorno is the best Jojo protagonist you faggots

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another jojo hate thread, yep its the same guys ip

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Jotaro gets a bad rap just because he gets credit for punching shit really hard as often as he gets credit for legitimately outsmarting his opponents. His defeat of DIO was anticlimactic as fuck, but the magnet trick was legitimately one of the coolest things he's done, for example. His cleverness is a prominent aspect of his character, he just also happens to be retardedly strong at the same time. He's nowhere near as bland as Giorno.

how is Jotaro boring? Sorry he's not the typical retard that jumps into the fray cause muh muh friends are in danger or doesn't stop to think

it's fucking refreshing to have someone go 'wait hold up wtf is going on'

>Sorry he's not the typical retard that jumps into the fray cause muh muh friends are in danger or doesn't stop to think
In fairness that's exactly what happens in his fight with DIO and he gets bailed out because of Stand bullshit.

You think he is boring until he clashes with D'arby and Steely Dan

I swear on my life I'm not whoever you're talking about, this is my first post on Yas Forums

What an awful thread to start off your Yas Forums career


I can see why people find part 3 Jotaro boring, cause I also found him boring. But why Giorno?

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I kind of feel like that was just to differentiate him from the other Zeppelis. Who did he leave to die again? Genuinely forgot

I seem to remember Diego, and one of those Boom Tomb brothers (although, in fairness, he doesn't count since he was faking - still, the audience isn't supposed to know at that point)