Yesterday wo Utatte

Raws out on nyaa, subs in 20 minutes. Post crows in the mean time.

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dead threads

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I missed last weeks thread but was a little disappointed they cut out Haru getting sick and Rikuo being worried enough to track down her down. Having to visit her work to get her address then nurse her back to good health was really cute. Instead they added that anime original scene where she just screams in the middle of the road.

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I hate that i cant the thread cause i dont wanna get spoiled. My current aots.

Extra 4
Fuck nyaa for being so goddamn slow lately. Needed like 5 minutes just to upload this because it kept failing.

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How much chex is in this series?

Can't seem to download episode 4. Is it just me?

Is nyaa slow as fuck for anyone else?

Nope. Still on 0% here as well.

Thanks for that. There's definitely something wrong with their severs at the moment. In general their online infrastructure doesn't seem very good though.

I'm really going to have to read the manga once this finishes airing.

>8 seeders
>656 leechers

Nyaa seems to be dead again, like the other day.

Can anyone that knows Jap transcribe for me that bit at the end of her introduction in the last ep? I can't figure out what she's saying after 不貞やつ. I even found a chink release with Jap subs, but I suspect the chink heard it wrong. Also that scene is not in the manga or at least not where I expected to find it chronologically, so I can't even check with that.

I finished Erai's download in 5mins. Seeding now if people want.

What's the time stamp?

Also, I'm not even sure it's not 不定 - both sort of fit. God knows I hate that fucking language.


Talking about ep 3 by the way.

Wow, I really can't make heads or tails of it. I get that she's in the middle of being angry, but it's definitely a phrase I've never heard before.

Just ignore it, this probably my AOTS for this season too

Dl from erai, hs is broken


>still no translation of chapter 114
Who do i have to beg to translate it.

How about 絶賛怒り心頭中

I'm hoping the anime ends up being popular enough to convince some English publisher to pick it up, maybe Viz or something.

Is it "shinto", "shitto" or "shito"? And "zessan" or "zessa"? It's either slang or some obscure semi-religious phrase.

Looks like Horriblesubs have unfucked their torrent so it's finally downloading.

That's exactly what the chink thought, but to me it looks very wrong, on many levels.

did someone rip the afterword volume yet?

Are there public raws for that? I know one chapter was included in some magazine. But the whole afterword volume was released last week.

Checked a preview of the first chapter and it takes place around one year after they got together, it seems.

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