Nature good, civilisation and pollution bad

>nature good, civilisation and pollution bad
When is this fuck going to get some new material?

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when he converts to another religion.

>restraining yourself creatively due to your religion
I can't think of something sadder for an artist

When are you going to understand the material he already has?

>civilisation [] bad
Apparently he needs to do a few more movies before you get it.

Civtard detected, go back to your factory and eat your grains little boy

When’s this boomer gonna catch corona already? I’m tired of these threads.

How would that help? He's not the one making them.

>nooo you just don't get these kids movies that continuously shove their messages down your throat!
Sure thing
When nostalgiafags and normalfags stop putting this guy on a pedestal

The first ever Ghibli film (Castle in the Sky) was about advanced civilizations and the industrial revolution.

>My son=reatrd and a shame

Yes, you are somehow too retarded to understand kids' movies. Stop boasting about it.

>y-you're too dumb to get it!
This is cope

I'm not the one reducing decades of a man's films to a message that isn't actually in any of them.

>I'm not the one reducing decades of a man's films to a message that isn't actually in any of them.
You have to be pulling some major mental gymnastics to believe that

Once he dies there will be a flood of news articles everywhere about how he "dedicated his life" to "promoting sustainability" and all that shit. It will only cause him to be an icon.
You should start praying they discover his CP stash instead.

Why do actually talented directors like Dezaki die, while this curmudgeon was remains alive?

Ghibli has been out of context since the early 2000's. Why are you so obsessed about him OP?

why did you post the picture of the one movie he did where he strayed from those themes

True. Miyazaki is a hack


If he thinks it's so bad there and he hates his people, then I welcome him to any major Western city. How about Vancouver? Let the 'nature' and inclusive society welcome you to the dystopian hell that awaits Japan

Rittle red haired giru.

But he tackled survivor's guilt and mutualism in Porco Rosso?

lmao fuck, James Willems' "Racist Japanese Voice" has infected my head

Did his son seduku after this shamfur dispray?

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So, how come all his works after Spirited Away are so mediocre? I really cannot see shit like Howl's and Ponyo being regarded as Ghibli's classics or whatever.

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literally all the exact same movie

>ancient thing exists
>bad guy wants to harness it for himself
>main character stops bag guy and lets ancient thing be free

Dezaki at least lived a long life.
Satoshi Kon was robbed from us.