But user, you have to be this big to satisfy me

>but user, you have to be this big to satisfy me
What do you do?

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do 720 benihana and walk away

But that's my exact size.

Ask how the fuck I'm supposed to shrink my dick?

I can make it to where her finger is pointing, so I'm good.

Look for weaker woman.

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So give up on your waifu?

>14 cm
That’s not a lot

prove it

>14-15 cm
>5-6 inches
She'll love me then.

Yes, if she has such long standards. Anyway her boobs are kind of too big.

I might he big enough, but it will depend on how tall she is. If she’s like 5 ft 6 in or taller, then I’m fucked.

That'd be more like 17, the top of the cat's head, user.

It's slightly gifted, definitely big for Nip standards. 17 cm is average in the Congo for example.

5 and a half inches (14cm) isn't a lot.

She's 105 cm based on a quick pixel calculation, the rest of her legs probably don't add more than 50.

do you know what a ruler is

Shame to admit but maybe I have small pener. Last time I half-ass measured I was around 14cm.Not exactly sure because measuring device was only 10cm long.

>tfw an even 6 in (16.5 cm)
Fuck yeah man, gonna dig deep in that pussy.

who else /6inch/ here?

I hate being a poo in loo sometimes

how do u feel about kitboga

I don't know who that is

mmhmm sure you dont

Get hard.

Is this an invitation to post dick pics of my curved 17.5cm banana dong

14cm? I got you covered

Is that supposed to be 8 inches? That's 20cm.
Pretty standard dick size outside of Asia.

Easy task, bitch!

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The only deep you all are gonna dig is to Hades for being hedonists while the plague ravages your society like the pharaohs and countless more ancestors before you.

Satisfy you? Why the fuck would I care about satisfying you? You don't even exist once I'm done blowing my load.