Admit it: You're a lolicon because of Becky, aren't you?

Admit it: You're a lolicon because of Becky, aren't you?

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No, I'm a lolicon because lolis are sexy.

Nope, it's because of Matsuri

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No, because of ChibiUsa and CCSakura since the 90s.


No, because of echo chan.

holy based

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I'm not a lolicon.

I'm here for the MAHOS

Because all the lolid

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Not especially because of her, but she sure helped.

>that old hag
ugh, hate nu-Yas Forums so much

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Ren-chon is so fuckable.


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Not Suzu?

Bakansu > Roulette > Shoujo

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Imagine sex with Suzu.

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I'm rewatching this and it's much better than I remembered.

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I love JCs lolis


Oh shit.

Anyone who fap to lolis should seek help

Are you baiting again, The-one-who-shouldn't-be-named-kun? son?

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I blame Tomoyo daidouji and Meilin fefore that I was normal

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What do you do if this loliboat is your imouto?

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