Shuumatsu no valkyrie

Raiden Tanmeemon vs Shiva
Well... Another god's victory

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>Raiden Tanmeemon

sorry but Shiva is winning this one


>poo god
yes; CHADva is going to shit all over Raiden and use his spine as toiletpaper

If fucking Shiva loses to some random sumo nippon banzai dude then we riot

The last fight

Never underestimate the power of grand sumo, uninitiated.

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Translations when?

>listen, nip, I'm going to let you worse that an Indian street

If the author doesn't sell the win very well, then yes. The Gods need to get some cred back.

Since we're between fights, rank the four so far:
Poseidon/Kojiro > Zeus/Adam > Herc/Jack = Thor/Bu
Zeus/Adam = Herc/Jack > Poseidon/Kojiro > Thor/Bu

The first fight being the weakest so far is a good thing, since it was great in its own way.

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I like all fights but for me it goes
4.poseidon vs sasaki. I just have a bias vs sword users
3.thor v lubu, only because the other 2 are better
2. Zeus v Adam was great, especially Adam's character
1. Hercules v jack. Jack's my favourite history char and I think this entire fight was just fucking great.

If Shiva fucking dies he will cement himself as the greatest meme in this series.

Kojiro was the sickest way to do a samurai; he had all of the masters behind him supporting his mastery of the blade beyond all of theirs. That bit where he's "drowning" in Poseidon's strikes and the corner of the crowd that knows him is all doing katas and chanting his name to bring him back was 10/10. Souji will need something really crazy to not feel redundant, even if it's a sort of crossover with another manga's interpretation of Souji apparently.

Herc & Jack's fight was very stop and start but I loved the creativity of Jack's Volund and the story they were able to create that transformed "Good God vs Evil Man" into Jack being truly loved for the first time was beautiful.

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Dont get me wrong, all fights were great but I have a negative bias towards swords and sword users.

>Raiden Tanmeemon
>isn't fat

>The first fight being the weakest so far is a good thing, since it was great in its own way
Good point, it seems that the writer is getting the hang of it

He's hiding his power level.

He was summoned fat, but by fucking his harem of monster girls during these 4 fights he ended up getting thin

>turns out that the monster girl harem was sent by the Gods to weaken him

>Crouches down and does the sumo stomp
>Limiters unlock
>He suppresses it for the ladies because they prefer the muscles
Would be pretty kino, not gonna lie

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I have a problem with the fights, and it's that the start and end are ussually great but the actual development tends to suck. They have some highlights, Adam vs Zeus was very flashy and the crowd of swordsmen cheering Kojiro was great, like said. But in terms of actual action, Kojiro and Poseidon had one entire chapter of describing two slashes, and Lu Bu and Thor also were two guys flailing metal sticks. Adam vs Zeus seemed kinda better, but maybe it was only because the artist is better at drawing punches. I had faith in Jack vs Herc since it was a battle of wits with an unusual Volund, but it was very boring until the end when Herc stopped being a donkey and Jack got his shit pushed in.

And also pretty funny, I would love it.

First fight was just a curbstomp, Bu never managed to really push Thor into a corner. Only thing he managed to make him do was try for once.

I didn't really like the Herc/Jack fight desu. Maybe it's because I'm sucker for straight-up pummeling.

Not necessarily now that i've had time to think about it. Every legend of sumo is based off of raiden here, he's the ideal form of yokozunas past present and future. Besides being supremely ultra giga fat, sumo fighters are known for exactly one thing worldwide, being some of the physically strongest mother fuckers in the entire history of the planet, and if shiva gets arrogant as fuck he might just get his head crushed with one arm and receive being the biggest meme in the whole series.

Okita is from Shinsengumi Requiem, which has the same author. It actually looks pretty interesting, but it's almost at 27 volumes and there's only been 3 chapters translated unfortunately.

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>inb4 Tesla is Nyarlathotep in disguise

Will the shota be paired with Geir?

>Only thing he managed to make him do was try for once.
And that is a big deal. Thor defeated, single handedly and with no effort, an army of giants strong enough to wipe out all of the forces of Asgard, including Tyr. Lu Bu not only took multiple blows from him without instantly dying, but also injured him, which apparently hadn't happened since his fight with Jormungandr. Lu Bu then SURVIVED the hit that killed Jormungandr and came back for more. Actually making Thor try implies that Lu Bu could solo the vast majority of the Norse Pantheon.

>Loki vs Tesla
>Loki kills Tesla
>Except that "Loki" is actually revealed to be Tesla, who is actually Nyarlathotep
>Lovecraft appears in the audience and explains that he based the Nyarlathotep in his stories on Tesla
>The dead "Tesla" is revealed to actually be Loki
>Tesla/Nyarlathotep used illusions and eldritch technology in order to trick everyone in the audience
>Loki isn't actually dead either, it was all a trick
>The true fight then begins

I liked how the theme behind Jack's arena was SOCIETY

>Lovecraft using pyramids and shit vs Loki trying to survive with both Fenrir and Jormungandr protecting him

>Lu Bu had both legs broken, an arm blown off, and was decapitated with a hammer
>Poseidon was cut into multiple pieces
>Heracles had a arm chopped off and was impaled through the chest

Adam was the only fighter to not get dismembered.

He probably broke every single bone in his body during the zeus fight though

Which fighter will get best girl as their weapon?

It still hurts, bros.

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>Odin vs Qin will be a God of Knowledge vs a man who destroys knowledge
>Apollo vs Simo will be a God born with skills beyond man vs a man who earned his skills through hardships and fighting
>Buddha vs Rapsutin will be a God who abandoned all Earthly desires vs a man who glorified them

I'm just saying, this next fight has the highest number of arms yet.