Hero academia

one piece managed to stay on the top for a decade and be the best seller without killing characters why can't my hero academia too. people are so obsessed with deaths "especially this one", but why? deaths aren't the only stake a manga could offer and it's rare for it to be meaningful of developing the protagonist.

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even Going Marry is still alive after the tragic tear jerking episode.

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>Dragon Ball: every character revives with the Shenron power no one stays dead. ever.
>One Piece: the same crew sailing 1997
>Bleach: no one dies in the Fake Karakura Town arc.no one from the top 20 popularity poll died. even fucking Grimmjow is still alive
>Fairy Tail: not a single death. except for flashbacks and villains
>Black Clover: Julius has come back to life due to the additional time he had stored in his tattoo.
>Naruto: characters who never appeared more than 6 chapters, Jiraiya so he can make a big scene and then pull the "I feel guilty for killing my Sensei and I will revive everyone now" card and forever forgotten, no one fucking dies in the big war, even Tsunade was cut in half and still survived.... and Neji dies for dramatic effect and NaruHina bonding.
>Yu Yu Hakusho: even Kuwabara didn't stay died
>HXH: and Gon, Hisoka and Kito are still alive

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double standards. people are more willing to give old stuff a pass just because they're classic.

what other stakes does BnHA have? Whether they would get a license didn't amount to anything
The sports festival meant nothing in retrospect.

Sure the thread of death isn't the only form of stakes. But BnHA also doesn't have other forms.

but every arc in one piece is the same
>motherless princess (Vivi-Rebecca-Shirahoshi-hancock) meet Luffy first
>tyrant rule and Torment peoples (arlong-enel-crocodile-moria-Celestial Dragons-doflamingo-big mom)
>a kid befrind the crew (momonoski-Apis-aisaka-tama-Chimney)
>crew saperat (nami's arc-thriller park-skyisland-G-8 Arc-alabasta-water 7)

He raped his wife

>luffy get beaten first than win against (crocodile-enel-arlong-moria-Lucci-Hody Jones)

One Piece has been shit since the end of Impel Down. Awful example

All Might and Mirio lost their powers

Which eri will rewind. She is already set up to fix Mirio.

then please explain this please
>buried under rubbles
>left a building
>get a strong thrust that the column behind him Crumbled
>stand up and kill the enemy with one sword
>go search for nami

one piece never had any stakes yet no one complained

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Its about control of countries the lives of people they have and the journey
If they get further along the grandline then it progressed
Its not amazing but it is something
There is nothing in bnha. Nothing can ever fail and ever have real consequences

the fall off and hit a train that crashed into a building! and they rise as nothing happened

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but there were no stakes. even Conis's dad survived enel's godly lighting

so are the lives of the people on Skypiea the same before and after the strawhats came there?

>real consequences
>ida's brother got paralyzed

the scene he was introduced in basically
might as well be born with it
barely even a character

because hori is a hack, sage and reported

Lida who?


The girl from the first movie?

Because MHA has nothing.
>No character development
>No plot
>No interesting villains
>Arcs that are fillers
>Injuries are instantly cured
>Everything returns to status quo after every arc
>Side characters are irrelevant
>Worst rivalry in shonen
People want something, and since hori is an idiot stakes and death are the only things someone can wish

>>No character development
endeavor "best and my personal favorite"
>No plot
heroes vs villains
>No interesting villains
I'll give you that
>Injuries are instantly cured
so is one piece "picture posted"
>>Everything returns to status quo after every arc
so is one piece, bleach, naruto...
>Side characters are irrelevant
and that's bad?? really I'm asking.
>>Worst rivalry in shonen
WRONG, naruto and Sasuke is the worst ever

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rad this zorro waled off this as nothing happened.

>eri gets to high school age, has a better handle on her powers now
>rewinds mirio back to just before he lost his powers

>endeavor "best and my personal favorite"
He got development, il give you that, not much, but was decent
>heroes vs villains
Basic plot that goes nowhere. Nothing happens, that's why you constantly get training arc, villains attack, training arc, villains attack...
>so is one piece "picture posted"
Doesn't happen every single time
>so is one piece, bleach, naruto...
No. Things happen and you discover new things. In MHA you have to wait forever for something to happen
>and that's bad?? really I'm asking.
Yes, if you have 3 main characters an you don't even develop them. Uraraka was totally wasted
>WRONG, naruto and Sasuke is the worst ever
No. Deku is hopelessly in love with his childhood bully that's mentally challenged

>Doesn't happen every single time
what are you talking about? here's a list of the crew injuries the walked off fine after
>Sanji ans Usopp struck by godly lightning -->go search for nami
>dive into ball of pain---> no i don't need bandages
>bured under Rubbles "twice" ---> scream uninjured
>chopper got cut by barb wire ---> still able to treat every one wound

and that's just on the top of my head.

>No. Deku is hopelessly in love with his childhood bully that's mentally challenged
naruto would suck Sasuke's dick if he could and sasuke
>tried to kill him three times "literally"
>join the organization that kills Jinchūriki
>was willing to destroy the village
>never saw naruto as a rival

Funny enough, this is the second arc the Heroes attacked and not the villains. (Though last time it was in retaliation of a Villain attack, this time the Heroes just went for it without anything else.)