Akagi replaces the MC of the last anime you watched / manga you read

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Tower of God suddenly becomes good

hunter x hunter goes from shit to okayish

saki is honestly less interesting

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Askeladd would've died in the first encounter

Killua wouldn't even be part of the story

He'd probably be the president of Teiai by now

>Baki Dou
Well, now I'm watching Usogui

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>gets transported to konosuba! world
his intellect is either cancelled by all the dumb shenanigans, or he quickly finds a way to ascend to another realm. or he just ignores Aqua's bargain and goes to heaven.

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Tokyo ghoul becomes fucking based

>akagi becomes the MC in kakushigoto

>akagi in inertia 67
yea he would fit in


I hope everyone who answered this thread has read Ten.

>hi score girl
I guess that Akagi autistically memorizes the best strategy to constantly defeat Ono in SF2 and probably no romance happens


>autistically memorizes the best strategy
That's more of a fake Akagi thing

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>can it be that you don't know how to do a shoryuken?

>Akagi in Dorohedoro
ousts en out of his empire and forms a harem with noi, nikaido and ebisu despite having zero magical powers

What happens if Akagi replaces Baku?

>Akagi bangs NuSakura and probably Anastasia too.

Seems pretty based to me.

>Not asexual

>Honestly he'd probably just chill somewhere with a huge fortune and be on good terms with En

So, they all gamble pieces of their own flesh?


He would be a genius tactician that reads the souls of enemy generals, and make ridiculous gambits in the battlefield. Would be pretty cool i guess.

>Kino's Journey
Would be a pretty based show

He replaces Jeff Winger in Community. Gambles his blood against Pierce, convinces Abed to kill himself.

>He relaces croc in croc will die in a 100 days
oh well

Not sure how I feel about Akagi using his Mahjong autism to try and seduce someone.

Bakarina goes from okay/good to ???(legendary)

What kind of nen would Akagi have?

He'd die at some point, having bet without restraint.

What can Akagi possibly do in Yotsubato world?