ITT: mary sues

ITT: mary sues

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Being a "Mary Sue" is irrelevant in a story without stakes.


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Being a Mary Sue removes all stakes, so that doesn't make sense.

Who are you quoting?

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She's an ironic Mary Sue though.

Mary Sues are only bad when they are made to be so as a self-insert fantasy or to make force some agenda e.g. Rey from Star Wars.

What? It's not related to that at all.

the series as a whole is shit

This desu

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The fact Senku has to frequently rely on other people to accomplish his plans means he’s not a Mary Sue.

Not really.
I will not judge Senku because I don't know Dr Stone, but if you want to see a Mary Sue that requires the help of others, just look at Strongest Rearguard.

Yuria is one of the biggest Mary Sues I've seen in fiction and she wasn't a fighter, being completely dependent on, well, everyone else.

They are just playing a video game, there are already no stakes.

This is true, the story is literally about her being a Mary Sue. It's not a negative thing

>Basically untouchable
>Power can do basically anything
>Handed power ups
>Good at magic

You don't quite understand what Mary Sue means.

>Still respects and cherishes her enemy even as a minus.
>Even when bullied she didn't fight back.
>Has an amazing figure.
She's the best and most extreme Mary Sue there is. Till she grows up.

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>literally eats you bullets for breakfast

I know some people whp whatched BOFURI like this little guy.
Are you one of them?

nice buzzword

What is the most prominent characteristic that a Mary Sue has?
I ask because it's not always easy to identify one

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A Mary Sue has no particular traits that define them. The story defines them.
The author is living out a (masturbatory) fantasy through the Mary Sue. So the universe acts in such a way that the author (self inserting as the Mary Sue) constantly receives instant gratification.
It's not just that all the pretty girls like the main character. The other characters are basically defined by their relationship to the main character. The plot is defined by the main character. Everything that happens, happens so that the main character shines brightest.
If you like action, then your protagonist is probably extremely overpowered. But it's also possible to have a "weak" protagonist that wins through "genius" strategies against "far stronger" opponents.
Regardless of what gets the author's dick erect, will happen without delay.

You are not wrong, but the lack of any urgency in the plot and that its mostly SOL/comedy kind of lends itself to her being over powered. If this gets another cour I just want them to stop with the stupid montages with the same song.

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>20 ips, not a single actual Mary Sue
Kuso thread, kuso board

Gentlemen this violence is getting us no where.

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The montage of her and Maple Tree slaughtering everyone to the happy song was Kino though

Okay, I think this is a good explanation.

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Your image reminds me of how Alexander burned Persepolis in a drunken stupor.

This thread has devolved into shit, time to end it.

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