Delicious hotdog

delicious hotdog

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>no pickles
>no dried onions
>some sort of glue that allows you to lift it by the sausage
Is he going to eat that?

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>it’s Western food
>Westerners eat food with forks and knives
Checks out.

My boss eats sandwiches with a fork and knife.

I eat pizza with a fork and knife

I eat noodles with fork and knife

I eat soup with fork and knife.

I eat your mom with fork and knife.

I eat spoons with forks and knives

I eat souls of the damned with forks and knives


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Apologies, miss. I do believe that is my fork you're holding there.

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that's a guy

>Enter ramen shop

So it's considered "polite" to slurp as loud as you can, because it's telling the chef you love the food.
But what if you slurp quietly? Is he going to be offended?

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Isn't it because it's hot as balls and you'll scald your mouth if you don't slurp?

Do japanese people really?

Of course not my fine Sir! For every dish that is slurped quietly, I personally slurp extra loud before it is served!

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Give me the hotdog anime sauce. All I got was furry porn when searching for this.

The Hard

And why is there nothing on the hot dog?

What the best topping for a hotdog?

custard and mayo

How come you didn't call this user based?

Ketchup and roasted onions.

Thanks, you a real bro.

I eat jelly filled doughnuts with a fork and knife

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