What am i getting into, Yas Forums?

What am i getting into, Yas Forums?

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looks like Princess Principal

I'm sure it's just a case of incorrect labeling. If he opens the file he'll find it's actually Princess Princess.

Catchy OP.
Delicious mechavoice tortured loli
Memes about the "the food in this country isnt that good"
These are the only relevant things.

Not what the first three episodes would suggest.

Eric is just a decoy protagonist for the first episode
Most of the episodes are non-lineal
The princess is a commoner and MC is the real princess; there was an accidental switch when they were children and no one knows
The last arc features a radical plot to kill the nobles; the girls prevent it but it allows the duke to star suspecting princess. It also features another spy who has an antigravity device
Dorothy's dad dies

Here, I saved you five hours. Someone who ask internet strangers for permission about something instead of just jumping into it deserve better than wasting their time.

Why is it called 'Princess Principal'. Is it like Bleach and has no connection to the story?

pretty based ngl.
fuck you op

Yeah, fuck people who work and can't have more than 5 hours free per day. Asking for a recommendation to minimize the risk of wasting time? pffffff

Correct. Get the fuck out of Yas Forums.

LMFAO cope

Its like 2 movies. Don't act like you don't have time for that.
If something caught your interest (the design charas, a summary, the OST) go and fucking watch it. You're already wasting more time on Yas Forums.

Wasted Potential

Recommendations are worthless because no two people have the same taste and the only one who can judge if something is good or bad is yourself.
Also, if your time were precious you wouldn't spend any amount of it on Yas Forums.

Don't forget how it necessarily has to be the four hours; with the first two or three episodes (even the first one) you can know if an anime is worth watching or not.
It's disturbing how people are placing the power of choice on other people rather than themselves.

God damn get fucked OP. You fucking faggot.

Holy shit the amount of triggering, Bloody kek, m8.


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Dunno man, I hated the first episodes of Baccano , Chrono Crusade, PTutu, TTGL, etc... and all of them ended up being 10/10s for me.
Or, series which had amazing first ep and ended up just OK, or plain stupid (Read or Die TV)

beato posting
a dumb switcheroo plot
and an incomplete anime.

Nice cope, OP.

I'm not OP.
I liked PPrincipal even bought the Lim Edition BD. its a 7.5/10 for me.

The first episodes of those shows are no different from the rest. You disliked those shows but you kept pushing and called them 10/10 because the rest of the internet did and you didn't want to lose "ANIME PRO cred".
Not saying that it doesn't happen; I've dropped shows near the end because they became too stupid to tolerate and I'll rather stop even when it would be easy to spend another hour finishing them.

>ANIME Pro Cred
Yeah nah, if I wanted Yas Forums cred, I would love the shit out of NHK or Clannad, and I hated those.

Yas Forums loves those retarded Isaac and MIllia, and I cant stand them; fuck those imbeciles.
I didnt like Kamina, too obnoxious "shounen-hero"-esque for my tastes.
the first episodes were too infantile for me.
I dont need to defend this, I dont think Yas Forums particularly likes it.

This is fucking stupid
There are people who would recommend nardo as the best anime that ever existed as there are people who tell you is the worst thing that ever happened to anime, if you watch things based only on anonymous recommendations might aswell not watch anything at all and just read summaries or watch them on youtube, if you are so concerned about your time you might aswell not watch anime at all

Some of the episodes were great, rest of them were alright.

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its an average show.
I remember enjoying my time watching it.

But now several years later, I dont remember anything about the show.

The story features a princess

This princess is the principal asset of the spy organization

English food.

EZ 9/10, can't wait for the movies to actually get the plot going

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This but unironically. Now fuck off back to where you came from.

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