This series has bad world building

This series has bad world building.

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So it's typical Trigger show, what else is new?

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I gave up on the second episode

>Humans are the real monsters
Wow, dude, that's like, so powerful, dude

Trigger is what happens when an anime studio starts to pander to the libtard tumblr crowd

>Tumblr furry race mixing anime has bad world building
gee, who would've thought

Funny because they made all the furries out to be actual fucking monsters, their entire civilization revolves around poverty, abuse or exploitation and the main character bitches and whines that she's still human for episodes until she learns she can transform back to human and then never does so again because beast form is better. She's so fucking flaky.

They can become humans at will ,what is the conflict?

You could have easily put couple more buzzwords in there, I'm disappointed.

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I'm just waiting for sindoll, mizone or rikose to make doujins tbqh.

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Humans still think they're monsters. At first that seems silly.
Then we see more of animacity and realize the humans are right, beastmen are fucking disgusting subhumans you would only find in the most poverty stricken suburbs in human civilization. I'm convinced this show is trying to make me hate furries.

So they are people who refuse to appropriate to standard human culture? Because the racism angle seems really stupid to take.

Can they interbreed with humans? My friend wants to know.

Beastmen are the literal equivalent of niggers

Maybe influence from humans pushed Anima City into a crime ridden poverty hole?

Why would anyone want to live there? Just stick to your human form and live a better life in human society.

Why doesn't Michiru just go back to her old life?

No one's taking the racism angle except for people who haven't seriously watched the show.

>Maybe influence from humans pushed Anima City into a crime ridden poverty hole?
You'd think being in the presence of like-minded people would actually breed sympathy and understanding, not contempt and self-hatred.

Because changing human form is like wearing high heels for her

Finish the sentence: I want to ______ Michiru

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Such a stupid excuse to undo bad writing when she spent her whole life as a human.

Yeah I dunno about that. I think it's definitely a more "environment == person" thing since they're literally corralled into a single city with obviously limited resources, depending on the outside world (that hates them) for resources. They act like animals, partly because they are them, but obviously also because the city is like a last stand/kinda shit. The little history segment shows they've occupied different roles though and have historically been shit on.

>Doctor had a testing kit that easily told if you were a beastman or human

Yeah idk about that either. You get into one accident or slip up and you would be screwed. Not even adding in that I'm assuming their human forms aren't that comfortable (atleast how the MC talked about it). I imagine they were before technology came about but it seems to be that they're in this situation due to expansion/technology.

Literally this. I rolled my eyes the second I realized where exactly this anime was heading, then they show the beastmen acting like... well... animals! I do not feel any remorse for them.

>Imagine the sex

And now she has a form where she can change her body at will. For a girl whose main life goals seem to be 1)play basketball and 2)have cute friends, that doesn't seem like a bad gig.

Because she doesn't think her family will accept her as she is, user.

I really like BNA but yea honestly it's not great
And it's trigger so I can't imagine they'll go into any details of the world

>different type of beastmen with probably different cultures/backgrounds all being pushed into the same city because they're beastmen

No duh that wouldn't work.

There's ways to find out if she's a human or not aside from seeing her. Again, remember how easy it was for the chicken guy to figure out she was a beastman. This also isn't taking in the idea that controlling it probably takes more than just "oh now I wanna be a human or beastman". Like when any of the characters in the show became too emotional it seems they transformed.

Trigger is what happens when an anime studio has no originality or substance and just rehashes the same shit over and over

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I refuse to believe you guys have this little ability to comprehend fiction and themes.

She wasn't a beastman before

What the fuck is going on with the distribution of this anime, I barely am seeing anyone talk about it. Netflix exclusive?

My main issue with Trigger is that they've become too self-incestuous (if that's a word). Everything is a reference to themselves

It also has bad production values but i've come to expect these low standards from trigger.

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>Netflix killed all the hype for this.
I'm still waiting for Asenshi subs.

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Beastmen in TTGL are just genetic dead ends who blindly follow their ruler and are generic irredeemable evil guys in 99% of cases, certainly the weakest element in the series. What to they have to with BNA?

Yeah studios doing deals with Netflix need to understand that netflix are going to release the end product in the way that benefits them and not the prodcut. Look what they did to the new GitS for clues on that.

>needing hype to watch anime
Thanks god. At least threads are good
What the fuck are you talking about? Anime is ongoing on Japanese TV. No one cares about Yas Forums circlejerk

Is there no overlap between what is good for Netflix and what is good for the product? I would think that Netflix actually wants people to watch it.

>At least threads are good
Shitty bait threads like this are good? OP made another yesterday with the same exact image.

They just funding projects alongside with Production Committee. Stop pretending your Production Committee shit is even watchable.

>Caring about the threads and not the project itself
I honestly miss the weekly daily watch with Yas Forums. Netflix model is shit for that

Red flags started with Kiznaiver and clearly showed their colors when they were responsible for that abomination known as Franxx.

But hey at least Promare was the better anime film year, though the others save for Children of the Sea, were weak competition so they were lucky.

>Shitty bait threads like this are good
Non-bait threads dies fast in anime general board.