Yas Forums collab manda thread continuation

We already have the settings, characters and more or less plot. We can start now with the one-shot/chapter 1

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Pompadour guy but he's actually not a delinquent, just a stylish dude

We should clear up if infected that got super-powers are still actually sick and in danger, or if they're now immune and safe.

Don't forget reverse trap tomboy moot.

Would it be distinctly one or the other or could it be a spectrum?

>factions, powers
>typical low quality battle shonen setting
instantly dropped

He's an Elvis fanboy.

Sounds like something that would get canned on the third volume.

Would you buy the finished product?

the hell is this

some art from the og thread maybe for reference or something

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Plot for chapter one (Mix of user suggestions):
>Helichan is in slums with the rest of the infected outside of one of the safe cities
>a purge of that area from the non-infected faction starts
>People start dying
>Her parents die, his brother is out of the slums looking for food
>She want go look for him to scape
>A purger sees her
>As she is about to kill her legs guy intervenes, gets shot in the arm but wins
>He is a friend of the family
>They manage to get out of the slums

We could have super-powers dudes that still shows a few signs of infection. But the main difference between super-powers dudes and normal infected is that super-powers dudes survive.

Another failed Yas Forums project, remember Hawaiian Guts?

First couple of pages should show the setting, after that the MC wandering around it, heading home. She meets Ashinohi.

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Maybe do a Jojo thing and everyone physically or mentally strong enough to survive the virus gets powers

you can't really expect the likes of Yas Forums to make anything more complicated than a battle shonen user


>Another failed Yas Forums project
dont fucking jinx it

Havent't thought about it but the fact that having powers implies having the virus and that still hurts your body is extremely interesting

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>New thread before bump limit

So did we decide on a title?

Repostan "Viral!" (or perhaps allcaps "VIRAL!")

I sent this in other thread, sending again so people see.

I created a general account for anons to view and put their ideas down in google docs.

account: [email protected]

All the MCs are infected and powerful right? So not everyone has to be in their respective faction/ have the same goal? These groups should have distinct names

Cute girl. Her feet are a bit long tho

What if someone changes the password?

Should we have someone in charge of the dialogue? It would help drawfags I think.

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Follow-up questions:
1) We've mentioned how the virus is incredibly potent. Wouldn't this remove the possibility of people walking around without protection out in the open?
2) So is the initial infection similar to giving flu like symptoms? and it disappears only after you've either gained an ability or died from it?
3) How far into this are we starting the story. I can only really see this as a world-changing outbreak that changes life forever, as in this outbreak actually contaminates and stays in the air forever or is this something that dies down by itself and we're at the very cusp of it coming into play?

We could make the powers-users more resistant than normal infected, but in return their body disintegrate a bit with each use of powers.
It would force MC and co to use their powers wisely, as their bodies will get eroded if they don't.

>I'm cool because I ruin other people's fun
Get a life, user

In fact if noone complains I'm adding that to the setting it's really differentiating

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Gonna post some of the pages/sketches from the other thread starting from the bottom.
Just so we have some idea of what people have made

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This sound nice

Viral! is good imo. Here's a poll on whether it should be lower or upper case

I already shared it with an editing account I created. So if anyone changes the password at least progress wont be lost

Exactly, that's why nothing will happen because none of you are taking this seriously.

can you tell me what the concept of all this is

this. should create another one, not give the password just make it public. Maybe a github or something similar to be able to see what changes has been made

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Didn't see your post sorry

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Seconding a GitHub, but it might have a learning curve to understand pr's and branching and related.

You should at least get someone from the drawfag thread on board, these artworks are horrendous.

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I see the no-fun-allowed-brigade has finally arrived

If someone changes the password, I also set up a dummy account to verify the email. Beyond that im not sure what else.

Here's the shareable link: