ITT Best anime fights

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not gonna lie, the animations in that is pretty good

I miss Rushuna

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Obligatory post

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Boob kata you mean. Japan thinks up the craziest shit.

I love the golden atmosphere, they did so well with this shot.

>has bayonet
>hits guy with stock using overhead swing

It isn't mean to be realistic, she literally deflects bullets with her gun in that scene too.

>hits guy with stock using overhead swing
It's a low fantasy and doing that is cooler.

lol, it looks like an ugly cartoon

>deflects bullets with wood body
The nips retardation never ceases to amaze me
>doing that is cooler
No it isn't

>No it isn't
It totally is. Melee >>>>> Gunfighting

I don't remember last time someone posted about Grenadier on Yas Forums.
Today OP is not a faggot.

>The nips retardation never ceases to amaze me
What about "low fantasy" didn't you understand?

It's not exceptionally far fetched.


>running through a trench battefield to improperly use a weapon in h2h is cool
Some of the worst taste I have seen
Not an excuse to do dumb shit
>chemically treated

>I don't remember last time
It was yesterday actually. Thanks to that thread I've even learned about the existence of this fun show

>lots of shit frames with hardly any detail
The action scene here is so much better. I'm well aware of all the "cheats" they're using but it still manages to be a more thrilling action scene that crap you posted.

>Not an excuse to do dumb shit
You are mentally retarded and looking for any excuse to spout vitriol.
Learn to pronounce
noun: fantasy
the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things.
"his researches had moved into the realms of fantasy"

a fanciful mental image, typically one on which a person often dwells and which reflects their conscious or unconscious wishes.
plural noun: fantasies
"the notion of being independent is a child's ultimate fantasy"

>an idea with no basis in reality.

I hate that she's too old to get a quality figurine. How many girls actually make use of their big tits?

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I really should have asked for a piece of Grenadier fanart in one of the drawthreads to commemorate its 15th anniversary (I wanted to tweet it @ the director) but my dumbass couldn't think anything up.

>pointing out how stupid something is regardless of the genre is vitriol

I really need to watch Violet Evergarden now

It is. It absolutely is and people like you need to fuck off and kill yourselves.

>How many girls actually make use of their big tits?
Not nearly enough

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>chemically treated

You are braindead.


Do you have some kind of grudge against an anime series m8


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God tier action scene.

The most beautiful thing about Grenadier is the the fights aren't even the best part of it, but it's when Rushuna gets people to stop fighting.

this bitch looks hot does she die

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actually an emotional fight


The MC is a complete mary sue so be warned.

You have no idea what you're talking about.