Kills criminals

>kills criminals
>they stop committing crimes
Seems like a good system, why don't shonen heroes do the same?

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Moralfaggots are good for absolutely fucking nothing and only enable more evil. Destroy.

If you kill your enemies, they win.

Same reason why the death penalty is banned in most civilized countries.

Most shounen heroes these days aren't men.

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Kill that retarded faggot next. Fuck undeserved rights.

For-profit prison system must not exist in HnK

Kids aren't supposed to go murder people

I can hear this webm

>Straight up kills the commentator who's not even engaging him
Ken's supposed to be the hero, right?

I really wonder how Ken would react if a child of some punk that Ken just killed shows up crying over his father's death
Ken didn't kill that guy tho

The problem in your reasoning is that you assume that there are two kinds of people, criminals, and non-criminals.
But the truth is that any person is under certain circumstances liable to break the law, and at other times and doing good things. They are not perfectly black and white.
The people you kill will never again commit crimes, regardless of their history. But that does not mean you eradicated crime, and not necessarily even the proportion of criminals of the total population. All you have objectively done is reduced the total population.
So unless the eradication of crime takes priority over the well-being of the people (for whom you have outlawed crime in the first place), your system is not really objectively good. If eradication of crime is all that matters, just kill all humans and you will have ended crime forever.

You can argue that certain crimes deserve capital punishment, but that is a different topic, and not one I am inclined to discuss.

That anime is so good

You win user.

>rape people
>steal and party with bitches through the night
>murder millions because you feel like it
>Shounen protag: IF I KILL YOU, I'LL BECOME YOU

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Just try it out. Kill somebody. You'll see. It won't take long and you'll party the night away raping girls and drinking despite being underage.

Akagi, man, is that you? It's been 10 years...

You speak like you really know, user. Have you been to any midnight bars recently?

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Meh, like shonen is relevant


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Is it because mass murderers deserve to be locked up in a hotel and given Playstations?

Wrong. They want to avoid Leo Frank situations

This webm makes me realize that Jotaro was a 1:1 copy of Kenshiro.


>Civilized country
>Let niggers destroy it
>Fight each other for product with "low" prices
>Still believe in democracy
Is there any civilized country after ww2?

There are a lot more honest men making 1 dollar a day than millionaires
"Muh circumstances" is just nigger apologism

Are all millionaires crooks?
Are all poor people honest men?
Why do you assume so?
I dare you to find a single user in this thread that has not broken the law, even if it's just copyright law.

I shot a guy in self defense once, splattered half of his brain across my garage, and I am the same guy I always was

Pics or didn’t happen.

Design wise he's more similar to Momotaro from Otokojuku actually, but Momotaro is a Kenshiro clone too

He's the most based shounen hero, we need more characters like him

>and at other times and doing good things.

The issue isn't whether they can do good things it's whether they are prone to do more bad than good. Killing off the really shitty people stops them from spreading their defective genes.

That being said, the better way to go about it is to sterilize all criminals and everyone in their immediate family.

>it's whether they are prone to do more bad than good.
And do you have any evidence to support your claim that from now on they will do more bad than good?
Otherwise your basis is still shit.
>spreading their defective genes.
And do you have any evidence that their genes are defective?

>Killing off the really shitty people stops them from spreading their defective genes.
This is your brain (do they even believe in those? or is it a hoax like space) on Yas Forums

>All you have objectively done is reduced the total population.
This is a good thing.
-T. Georgia Guidestones

>kill criminals
>their families end up resort to even more crime in order survive
>end up creating a cycle of revenge where people constantly fight and kill each other to survive
Good job.