Saturday Storytime: Dominion Conflict #2

Get ready to enjoy the second ride with the tank OG girls.

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you should have put this in the other thread

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Really ? I tought it would display good manners to split the individual issues to seperate threats.

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I hope some souls did enjoy chapter 2. I am going to post moar depending on the response. Cheers.

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Usually entire volumes are dumped in a thread and if you run out of room then move onto a new thread.

What's with the takos?

Okay, i understand. Thank you for the hint, i will keep this in mind and do it that way in the future.
To be honest, i just didnt know. I did my very first storytime on here last night soley motivated by the wish to provide some like-mined (like-tasted, kek) with stuff to enjoy.

Let´s enjoy #3 together. I am a bit drunk, sorry if it takes 2-3 minutes per page.

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