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Karen's seiyuu is getting surgery for her vocal cords. Wish her luck!

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Karen should get surgery for her lack of a brain.



Medical complications is a keyword for pregnancy.

I don't think you can read very well


Does she get any role besides Karen?

When are her new movies coming exactly?

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Recap movie this May, sequel movie next year. Recap's theme song here.


I can't tell if it's my thirst for Starlight content or not but god I love this song
I wonder what the PV for it was supposed to (going to? they're still doing that, right) be like

>sequel movie next year
will anyone besides Yas Forums and /vg/ still care?

Doesn't really matter when the franchise mainly caters to Japan and China.

Does anyone else matter?

good luck, Karen

/u/ does.
But they are part of Yas Forums anyway.

Karen is smart.

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Karen is for Hiyori. Just like everything else.

Try not to mix up your sword girls.

I'm very confused. They all have swords.

You just read Aka's new manga.

>Karen's seiyuu is getting surgery for her vocal cords. Wish her luck!
having surgery at these times

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It's the best time for it. Voice actors won't be getting as much work and nobody's going to be seeing stage plays.

No, Hikari has a tiny knife.

That reminds me, what ever happened to Ange's VA?

Probably dead by now.

good luck

Oh fuck. I wish her good luck and a speed recovery.

>broke her leg and still danced at Starry Diamond
>works herself so hard she has bags on her eyes when she appears for videos
Momoyo has it tough.

The recap movie had such bad timing for release date, I wonder if they'll just let people rent it online.

ah jeez
hoping she'll be daijobu

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