Shingeki no Kyojin

What's your favorite arc so far?

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Chapter 123 - chapter 128


Annie a cute

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123 is the ending of the previous arc. Do your bait better next time

Judging from the latest chapters, Isayama will never surpass Marley again

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Pieck's Butt

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After the 97-100 stretch Isayama should have realized just how completely useless the non-Eren members of the SL had become.

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>123 is the ending of the previous arc
It's not. It's the start of the alliance realizing Eren is actually the bad guy, and it is therefore in the Alliance Arc

You're Isayama's editor. He handles you the last 4 chapters, how would you fix them?
Keep in mind you have to keep the alliance or else he'll leave.
Hard mode: You have to wank Armong.

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makes sense...

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Until he has eren kill his friends one by one to realize his future

Replace Annie with Zeke.


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Connie becomes the next Helos and buttrapes Zeke following Armong's 5000 iq plan

>Alliance arc
No it’s the climax of the paths battle between eren and sieg. Thus it is in the WWE (worldwide eldian) rumbling arc

Annie and Pieck have full explicit sex in plane for 4 chapters. Done I fix them.


Start with having a bit more conflict to the “oh hey Annie, lets be friends now” scene

Why didn't he tie up Kiyomi and the engineers?

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The pie scene really needs to go. And LH shouldn't be there if she's just going to be an idiot and he's going to be a comic relief burrito

what? you cannot self insert with a wimp?

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Are you surprised that Floch always thoroughly thinks through every situation and action, and has more sense than the entire alliance combined?
Is the instant-transmission old lady entirely robbing the scene of any believability to you, and perfectly summarising Isayama's approach to everything right now?

Kiyomi will confirm Annie is Kruger's daughter

>>Are you surprised that Floch always thoroughly thinks through every situation and action
Why didn't he hide the plane and kidnap the engineers?
Why didn't he destroy the plane and kidnap the engineers?
Why didn't he put them in a dungeon?
Everyone was an idiot last chapter.

This scene was powerful and brave. Only bigots hate it!


from where the anime reached until the chapter where Eren started becoming incomprehensible (the one where he insults mikasa)(I think it's called Marley arc).

but i did stop reading the manga at chapter 124 becuase i couldn't understand what the fuck was going on anymore and the monthly release didn't help either, i will reread the whole last arc when the thing is all over, maybe i'll like it becuase everyone was losing their mind during chapters from 115 to 120 but i really didn't get the hype(but from what I heard people are not really happy about what happened after i stopped reading so who knows)

Why would he do all that?
In-universe right now, there is no logical reason to believe that a bunch of Eren's closest allies would suddenly decide that they want to sacrifice their entire island and the lives of every single man, woman and child living there - despite totally supporting the war effort up until now and offering zero other options?

Until the insanity brigade showed up, the plane was just a useful piece of technology.

>Marley arc

>War for Paradis arc

>Alliance arc

>Why would he do all that?
Pieck just kidnapped Jean, Yelena and Boyega?
There were still Marleyans around. Shifters, at that.

Marley arc ended after the Grim Reminder 2.0.
Then up to the arrival of Marley in Shigashina, I'd call that the Jaegerist uprising.
Then from Marley arriving to now its the Rumbling arc.

Post your favorite foreshadowing

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Because Floch being kidnapped would delay them and Jean and Mikasa could start manipulating/delaying them. It would have made more sense than pic related but of course can't have JM working by themselves and Armong needs another drama and plan

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I thought Alliance was part of the War for Paradis arc?

Was everything from the Marley arc up to the start of the Rumbling just a fluke?

We all thought Isayama was a genius but it's hard to believe that now.

A shifter just showed up and kidnapped Onyankopon, a pilot.
Put two and two together.

Literally can't kiss because of the huge noses. Also spoil that, this is a blue board

Whatever the name of the arc is that got covered in season 2 of the anime. Eren and Reiner's first fight is still probably my favorite part of the entire series.

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>they killed Jean and Onyankopon
W-why would the Cart titan appears
out of nowhere and kill Boyega who was going to be shot as well as Jean?

Same as Isayama

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But not canon

No, is just last chapters broke the circlejerks around Isayama work, now is just doomposting.