Black clover

Luck is cool and cute

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>google translate
RIP jaiminisbox

Waiting until Sunday for the actual chapter

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fuck off faggot, Magna is better

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I agree actually but luck is still cute

The part where Vanessa and Secre double teamed Asta's "demon-slayer sword" was kino

>he faps to noncanon pairings
the ultimate mark of the cuckold

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Imagine Luck hugging you and wrapping his long sticc legs around your waist ha ha

Someone asked for a momma yuno a couple threads ago, I doubt this is exactly what you wanted but I felt like drawing it

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Why did they do this in front of children

>ara, ariene ~
It's not what I had in mind but I'll take it, based draw user

Is black sheeps crook a better name?

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>since nature magic attribute can better use the heart kingdom's technique so...

>shining generals and heart spirit guardians are Clover Vice Captain level at best
lmao, what a joke

Asta brought magna and luck who both use natural magic

I think runes are the most suitable for use with natural magic. The only Bulls with natural magic are Luck, Magna and Noelle.

>>shining generals
Only two of the lost though right?

>that ass

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Oh so it really is an issue of mana amount huh?
Makes sense he decided to train with zora then.
Poor magna dude just wants to unga but hes gotta try and play with the cards his genetics gave him

He probably has the best ass out of all characters.

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