Why didn't this series ever have a tournament arc?

Why didn't this series ever have a tournament arc?
Didn't anyone ever tell Wani that every shounen needs a tournament arc, if not several?


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Thank god it didn't. Tournament arcs SUCK. Almost dropped Tsugumomo because of that shit.

Didn't make sense for there to be one given the setting
People are dying outside every night so you either train or you go kill, no need beating eachother up

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Why would they even have a tournament arc?

but that is the second best arc after kanaka, don't tell me you preffered isekai namek arc?


Tournament arcs are unnecessary and overused to death.

god fucking dammit
holy shit

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>5 unique ips / 5 posts
Are you fags seriously responding to bait
Tournament arcs are the pacing killer. Then again Kimetsu suffers from the opposite problem

eh in a way final selection is the tournament arc

either way tournament arcs suck, fuck off

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final selection fucking idiot

its shoujo

Tournament arcs fucking suck, but it is true that the manga suffered from not having one in that it would have been a good way to have some world-building instead of the way the entire world in the series falls apart whenever you look just outside the edges. It also could have given us more development of the five senses generation rather than most of it being rushed or offscreened.

>World Tournament
>Chunin Exams
>The Dark Tournament
>Hunter Exams

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outside of series like Kengan Asura and Record of Ragnarok where the tournament is the entire point, the only series with a good tournament arc is World Trigger

the whole manga is a long flashback arc, so they had no time for a proper tournament

I don't see there being any reasonable justification for a tournament arc.

Not him but that was the shittiest arc. Thank God it's over.

isekai namek arc? i agree, or do you mean the tournament arc? i liked it because there were a lot of intresting characters in it, the fights were fantastic and i loved the plot of abusing the weapons

read more shonen fag

Rank Wars were shit and lasted way, way too long.

Shonen is literal brain poison. Do you honestly believe this shit OP?

they were fun to read in volume form. But otoh i need to drop WT for like 5 years to get enough buffer to read

Tsugumomo is parody of shone tropes but played straight, even a isekai parody in the last arc.

>Tournament arcs SUCK.
Name a single tournament arc in shounen that wasn't one of its best arc.
Tournament arcs are almost always peak shounen.

Yeah in mediocre shounen

MHA's sports festival
Heaven's Arena and Greed Island
the Kyoto School arc from Jujutsu Kaisen

All of them
wow that was easy

>Heaven's Arena and Greed Island
>Forgetting HxH exam
>MHA's sports festival
It was one of the only good arcs.