Do you prefer reading manga or watching anime?

Do you prefer reading manga or watching anime?

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anime but starting to realize adaptations ruin tone/pacing or the voices don't match the way they did when I was reading it.

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manga so I can go on my own pace

I like watching manga

I only ready Korean smut webtoons and play chink gacha games

For action oriented, I mostly prefer anime.

For cgdct sliceoflife shit, I prefer manga, since you can go faster. In anime, often the jokes are too slow, extended too much, or the plain retarded charas and their grating voices are too much.

absolutely based

manga is so much better.

the thinking man's choice

Anime because having a BGM enhances everything, I don't want to interrupt reading just to pick a fitting BGM on my own. But shit like the jojo adaptation that don't feel like they have any originality to them and just copy the manga panels while having shitty animation between them makes me wish I read their manga first.

manga honestly. Better art in most cases, comes out before anime, I can enjoy it at my own pace.

I only watch anime originals and the handful of good adaptations. I read alot of manga though, so I guess that.

the final stage

Manga because you're less likely to get caught with it than anime.

Its nice how things like quarantine don't effect manga like they do anime. Even under a lot of chaos, people can still draw and distribute comics.

>I heard you were watching anime last night, son.

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First read the manga, and after watch the anime

I prefer manga. I can read in bed, I can get through more of the story in the same amount of time an episode takes, I don't have to deal with bad animation or filler. Manga is just better in every way unless the anime, whether adaptation or original, has set out to do something interesting with its animation or something.

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Depends of the genre.
Mystery is better in manga and comedy is always better in anime, for example

Children watch anime, men read manga

Neither, both have their merits and I enjoy both. There's definitely more crappy anime than crappy manga though.

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It took me a while to escape the anime-only fag phase. I always thought watching anime was easier than reading manga, until I actually started reading it. Turns out, anime (even the seasonal anime) tends to drag out scenes to pad out the time. Reading manga is a fuck ton faster than watching anime. Also, with a manga, you can pause at whichever page you want, whereas with anime, you tend to have to devote your time to finish an episode ones you start it.

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Reading manga is like having sex with a woman. Watching anime is like having sex with a tranny that still looks like a man.

>you tend to have to devote your time to finish an episode ones you start it.
It's just a 20 minute investment. Just don't pick up 10+ shows per season and burn yourself out with crappy seasonal stuff.

7:3 in anime favour. Don't call me brainlet but I like moving colored pictures and jap voices. I read manga too but in the end I always prefered anime.

The broken man with no soul

That's for hentai

Manga, and if i really like it i watch the anime

I usually watch anime if two options are given, then read the manga if I liked the anime.

Anime because having music go with what you're watching makes it much more impactful.

whatever I was exposed to first for that specific series, with some exceptions. the "animeonly" hatred weirds me out, as if everyone who despises animeonlys reads the source material for every show they watch.

duality of man

I would read manga if the paperback version was cheaper, I just fucking hate to read Digital Manga.
As a poorfag, I can't buy the whole 18 volume collection of the shit I like.
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As I get older, manga. Its a combination of manga being faster while also the enjoyment of sitting down on a quit evening with tea and reading through a volume or two.

Anime is 9/10 times advertisement for the source material.

what are you doing here then?

More like a 10/10 times. It's been a long time since I've seen an actual complete adaptation of a manga. Though that doesn't mean incomplete manga adaptations can't be good.

wrong user

But I do with some exceptions (and usually I don't even bother watching the show). It wasn't like that when I was a kid, though even when I was a kid I read the manga of a lot of stuff even if I was also watching the anime on Toonami. The stigma against animeonlies just comes from how they usually act though. They think discussion on Yas Forums should cater to them because they purposely decide to not be up to date with the story and shit on the manga despite not having read it because it's not as much of a dangling set of keys to amuse retards as the anime is.