New episode soon.

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>being such a brainlet that your only skill is reading and writing.
>being reincarnated in a civilization where this is amazing.
fucking bookfags


You haven't even watched the show, have you?

>watching bookfag
>not reading bookfag
brainlets everyone.

I think it';s airing right after this crappy dinosaur show.


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Delia is fucked.


What the hell are they playing right now, I got a throbbing erection.

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Sweatshop time?

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Imagine being filtered this hard by Gal to Kyouryuu

this is just dumbbell but with a terrible cute and funny pall


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I finds the lack of naked lolis covered in shit unfortunate


I understand they can't show naked malnourished lolis but having shoes seems overkill.

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Red whore is so pretty

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>nothing happened this episode
Ok time to wait for subs.

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Emaciated blondie is my waifu.

Will she ever clean herself up?