Is this worth a watch?

Is this worth a watch?
I know its kind of a basic core show but I could never get into it because of the little brother robot character.
Something about it was always uncomfortable to me.
Is it like bleech and naruto or is it actually worth watching ?

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It's decent, nothing more or less.

>but I could never get into it because of the little brother robot character.
>Something about it was always uncomfortable to me.
I'll never understand how the brains of shounentards function.

its number one on myanimelist

Woah I bet no one here knows that hot info.

What show would you call amazing?

It's at ep 12-22 that things really gets good

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Am I the only person who unironically liked the fast pacing of the first couple of episodes? It's what actually got me invested into the story unlike the original 2003 show which turned me off for being too slow and somewhat fillery.

Bleach is ten times better than this pile of garbage

Means nothing, but the show is average to fine though for a shonen.

yeah I see your point, it dragged out at points, but on the other hand the heavier stuff that happened early on had a bigger emotional impact. So I see both sides

Its nothing like bleach or naruto, and yes its not the best show ever but its up there so yes watch it.

I like Brotherhood over the 2003 series. Was anyone in high school with the edgy kid who lived FMA? We had a kid who wore a jacket like Edward’s and was gay.

The FMA has a nostalgia factor for me. I had some of the DVDs, and would watch it on AS. I think Brotherhood was a lot better though overall.

like the other user said, its not like bleach or naruto, it is its own thing.

its alright though, give it a chance.

It's good shit watch it.

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I think 03 could've definitely been made better by cutting it's early anime original shit and the LN adaptations, except the barry the chopper episode that was pretty good, though if they were going to make Barry an actual threat they should have changed him accordingly during lab 5

This isn't necessarily aimed at you but it bugs me people keep saying shit like "Brotherhood rushed through the early stuff since 2003 did it" when Brotherhood is actually closer to the manga and 2003 is the one that expanded on things to take stuff at a bit of a slower pace. The only one I think is legit rushed is Brotherhood's version of the Father Cornello stuff, they went way too fucking fast on that one. Plus there are other more legit grievances for early Brotherhood like skipping the train fight and Yoki's introduction.

It's really odd that they skipped Youswell. I can understand the train to an extent since the manga was trying to set Ed up as a self insert character only to knock him down with Nina and the anime wasn't going for that. But Yoki had already returned in the manga when brotherhood came out, hell iirc even before COS came out, so it's so odd that they'd just skip his introduction. The retelling of the events from Yoki's perspective was decently funny but not worth skipping it for.


The Kain is a bird shit from 03 was pretty weird and some of the state alchemist exam stuff they added was pretty iffy too.

Eromanga sensei

>Kain is a bird
No he wasn't?

I heavily condensed the point but I meant when Cornello "brings back" Kain as a bird.

Oh I thought you meant Fuery cause his first name is Kain, her boyfriend's name was spelled Cain. I guess they figured since everyone just calls him Fuery it wouldn't be much of an issue.

Oh fuck yeah forgot about Fuery, still find it funny that the meekest member of team mustang is called fucking Kain Fuery.

I get that this is a joke but the plot actually sounds interesting.
is it good?

>LN adaptations

You are asking this on a board where the peak of entertainment and plot complexity is a show about 6 y/o girls going to school and being cute doing cute things together

gintama has like 5 entries in the top10

Yeah, it's good. It has philosophy and good characterization, but not too deep that normies get turned off by it. The action is good too.

Is it justified? i tried watching the first episode but couldnt go on.