Dragon Ball Super

>So which version of Dragon Ball Super is canon?
CHADNGA or anime

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The version that follows the original DB manga continuity of course

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Damn that's pretty good. Sauce?

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toei's version is much better though


The only canon you should accept.

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Toei's version makes no sense because present Trunks. Plus Trunks being able to join Gohan and fight the androids before he can even go SS is dumb

Okay to make sure that these threads don't turn shit we need to make a few rules.

>First of all no manga Vs anime at this point it's beating a dead horse with how shit the manga is.
>Second no Waifufags in these threads it's stupid how we literally don't know anything about them and Waifufags have already shown up fucking shit up. Besides 18 is the superior option anyway
>Third no Torkansufags or whatever they are called.
>Jobhan fags should also fuck off and stop thinking there boy will do anything other than job.
>Are gtfags allowed? Is it the superior show? NO, HELL NO! Even the worst of super, is still better then the best of gt.
>Furries out!!!
>what about vados and 18 lewd posting? Completely fine and requested!
>brolycucks and jobrenfags should stop shitposting about there irrelevant boys not being in this arc. If people actually wanted them then they would already be a part of it.
>Copy pasta fags get out!!
>NOBODY LIKES CAULIFLA AND HER AUTISTIC SISTER beacuse they ruined Dragon Ball Super fanbase with public masturbators and femdom fags
>no jobgeta vs lizardcuck/gokek
>Don't call all sides cucks and feel superior!
>Finally stop giving these retarded tripfags (You)s
If we all do that then the threads will improve.

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>low quality OP

>why mods keep fuck our threads ??
Here's the REAL thread

What does present trunks contradict of the OVA?

Present Trunks didn't need a traumatic event to go SS, but future Trunks did. In canon both Trunks have always been able to go SS just fine

He Jiren retards, Seth is talking to you



I have no argument to counter this one Toeibros.... I-I KNEEL.

But Kid Trunks came about after Trunks altered the timeline anyway, and is mostly a different character.

But that other guy was talking about the OVA being better, not about if it was canon or not.

FUCK does my left ear hurt

None, Toriyama should have stopped at the Frieza saga like he planned to. All this new power level bullshit is cancer like these threads

>that other guy was talking about the OVA being better
Can't you read? >what does present Trunks contradict of the OVA?

>swordman Trunks showing up when mecha-Freeza attacked Earth made Bulma and Vegeta's future son able to go SS


>megafag mindbroken
Just torrent it, retard


What he said now?


I'm a TOEIchad, cope.


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>no new content can be canon because I don't like Toriyama anymore

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>Author clearly doesn't give a damn and forgot most of the story

The retcons and mental gymnastics you have to do to make Super canon are just insane.
It’s glorified fan fiction at best.

>doesn't give a damn and forgot most of of the story
Sounds like Toriyama when he wrote every arc after Piccolo

>New movie
>Moro and Broly dominate Jiren during 300min
>Jiren is forced to lick the hairy ass of Broly and suck his 3 feet penis
>Moro destroy his ass with his dick
>He's forced to eat Broly's cum too
>He's crying like a baby and he asks for help from Toppo
>There's literally no story in the movie
>Dragon Ball Super : CHADREN's Destruction
Will you see it ?

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aka another hack attempt to fix inconsistencies

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Cuter than Caulifla and Kale

Why won't Vegeta hold Goku's hand?

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The shit I took this morning is cuter than caulicuck


>>Weaker than Frieza
>>Weaker than Vegeta
>>Weaker than Goku
>>Weaker than Moro
>>Weaker than Gohan
>>Weaker than Gogeta
>>Weaker than CHADly
>>Weaker than CHADro
>>Weaker than Beerus
>>Weaker than Zamasu
>Why is WEAKren so irrelevant in terms of strength?

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DBS is not canon because it's a huge retcon to Bra's origins and the last chapter of DBZ. Pan is younger than Bra, everyone know that.

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He defeated Jiren, a character who is confirmedly stronger than gods of destruction, in base form. No other character in all of dragon ball has done that except Whis

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Kek fucking based