It has been three years

>It has been three years
>The last three heroines still doesn't get an arc yet
>Still no news for the 2nd season

What went wrong?

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Tsuneki poisoned the well.
Can't recover from her end.

it managed to sink itself. wasn't the writer or whatever working on some entirely new project?

IIRC, He's working on a new series related to Amagami verse it's in a all-girl academy yuri romance series. The MC is going to be a female teacher who's trying to recover from a terrible marriage.

It really could've been worse. It could've been Photokano.

Regardless I am very sad Makoto will never get her route.

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[citation needed]

Tsuneki was so fucking hot.

The first arc was awful, the second mediocre, but the third one was genuinely good. So it's really a shame we never got the other 3 arcs, since it was in a positive trend.

Also the weird fetishes e.g. furry, really weren't needed. Amagami was good DESPITE them

If they had started with the third arc this show might have chance of people liking it and getting a season 2. Third arc was the best and pure Amagami experience. First was bad after all that build up and second suffers because of the shit aftertaste of the first arc. Second arc is still a disappointment though.

>First = bad end
>Second = normal end
>Third = good end

Who the fuck think this is a good idea? why just not give all of them all the good end? it will saved this series

>The MC is going to be a female teacher who's trying to recover from a terrible marriage.
Will that be revealed who will Fem MC teacher get that JK cunny with and deserves the most of it.


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Slutneki ruined everything.

for me it's the gloomy girl from the cooking club

she was the only girl worth anything in that trainwreck of a show. if only the mc-kun wasn't such whiny little bitch

I failed my quantum mechanics exam because I was watching this burning garbage instead of studying. I regret nothing would do it again

post best girl

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I kinda the Ruiseanon. BUT FUCK I WANT TO SEE MILK'S ROUTE.

What are some other series where the strict disciplinarian girl gets romanced?

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kinda miss*

tsuneki was cute.

>even ayaneru was baffled with tsuneki's ending

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Post your best Carlito'd memes.


Takayama barely posts Seiren related shit on his Twitter. It seems like he justs wanna forget about it. He should have just done the art and nothing else. They should brought the writer dude from Amagami for this show.

I would want to forget about it too

>Amagami has adult-looking girls with likewise mature but playful mindset
>Seiren has JC brats in high school

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What's story about the new seiyuu that supposed to play one of the heroine in 2nd season?

There should be a romance anthology where each girl is the daughter of the previous generation's MC with a different girl each time.