War has changed

War has changed.

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Fuck off Yas Forumstard.

Admit it, this scene would've been epic if that guy looked like Michael Jackson.


The funniest part is the black dude 's horrified expression.

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Haven't seen Yas Forums have a good collective chuckle in a while.
Feels bad for GITS fans but this is hilarious and a nice change of pace from all the shitposting and shounen threads.

I love this webm but I will NEVER watch the new series, not even for it.



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>max-steel tier

Why does it look he's the squad leader heading an ambush

>'Motoko, Batou, cover me - I'm going in.'
>tactically somersaults into breach and entry

Why is he naked? What were they going for with all of those scenes, they didn't need the blurred cock.

Because of this scene I started watching it, surprisingly I grew accustomed to the bad cgi pretty fast.
But that doesn't change that it's bad cgi.

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nigga using speedrun strats

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This is Ghost in the Shell now

wait, are there black people in section 9?

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hold on
I thought this is some cross boarder made meme shit

If only

As a hardcore GITS fan, I can attest. I have never been so fucking assblasted before. This is a moral affront to my existence. I know why gasoline-kun went after Kyoani now.

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Can anybody overlay the Benny Hill theme over the webm?

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Doesn't feel like it fits at all, but sure

Thanks a lot!

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This, Kojima Is retarded.
>muh never has anyone ever fought proxy wars
He is a simpleton and an ignorant

what's with the shadman meme?