Carries an entire manga by himself

>carries an entire manga by himself

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>kumagawa threads no longer get any replies anymore
Also can't believe Medaka Box is 11 years old now.

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I still believe they'll adapt the Minus Arc someday.

Its almost like have a genuinely fantastic character made for a lot of fun.

Unlike Mary Sue Medaka.

>I still believe they'll adapt the Minus Arc someday.
Medaka Box always had a very niche fanbase in SJ, it's a miracle that it somehow even got an anime. I'm also hoping but it's never gonna happen unless some super rich weeb funds it.

Zenkichi was good too

I love this motherfucker like you wouldn't believe. I was counting down the chapters until he showed up and he improved every chapter just by showing up.
I honestly can't think of another character like this

Never reading this shit because he doesn't fuck the girl outside doujins.

Zenkichi was up and down for me, he was at his best when during the Election arc since he had some actual growth.
Otherwise he acted like the generic foil to Medaka, especially during the first few arcs

>medaka mary sue

Considering the manga's long over and it hasn't even been officially translated, I doubt it.
Doesn't make sense when you consider it, the anime basically served to draw attention to the manga as it was ending. That and the only reason people start reading it now is for Kumagawa

>hasn't even been officially translated
I know it goes against the Yas Forums groupthink but this is what hurts me most. I'd love to be able to reread this as an English print version. That being said the fact that it was even scanlated to completion in the quality that we got is nothing short of a miracle, I can't see any official translation ever eclipsing that, at least not as long as money is an object.

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I never really appreciated the work that went into translatiing Ajimu pages. This was a fun, but stupid meta ride.

>no animated manga with music...
why doesnt this exist?
Give each window a small animation and have music playing...

Anything past the election arc is bad, not even Kumagawa could’ve carried that final arc. the flask girl was also hilariously underutilised.

I can forgive the puns and wordplay but the grammar was awful even by scanlation standards.

Yeah, keep the dream alive user!
I'm waiting together with you, my friend. Haruhi S3 will come as well someday!

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No fuck you Haruhi is trash

I fuck your mom's pussy, pussy.

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I knew the manga was somewhat popular so I didn't understand why it wasn't officially translated at first.
Then I realized that almost every non-combat chapter has some sort of pun or puzzle in kanji. Hell, the last few arcs had powers that made no sense unless you knew kanji or had it explained to you in detail.
It's like explaining a joke: You won't understand it without the explanation but now it's no longer funny

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Kumagawa Incident >>>> Successor arc >>>> Jet Black Bride arc > Unknown Shiranui arc > 13 Party arc >>>> Student Council Executive arc

>Unlike Mary Sue Medaka.
wasnt that the point?

>Unlike Mary Sue Medaka.
That's literally the point.

You know, I love MB, but I don't like Kumagawa as much as everyone else. I don't hate him, but I don't adore him. My favorites are Zenkichi and the first antagonist who's power wasn't ruling people, but actually gravity. I thought it was a funny twist.

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I love MB too. I love Kumagawa as well but I do think he gets sucked off to much while the series is called trash by his fans.

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I does. Several manga do this on Nico. Mieruko-chan is the first that comes to mind

>carries an entire manga by himself
Mary Sue Medaka
Both are shounen-nigger memes that are factually incorrect.

The Kumagawa fanbase is definitely the loudest from MB.

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I've seen alot of this guy but never read the manga. The art gives me a generic battle shonen vibe.

For sure, and I think a lot of people are turned away from the manga because they think it's only good because of one character. Which isn't the case, I felt the manga was a tad slow in the beginning but I really began to enjoy it soon enough. I wouldn't read 100+ chapters of something I didn't like.

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Not by himself. The point of the manga was zenkichi or whatever and kumagawa trying to keep up with medaka.

>season 3 never
>kumagawa spin off never
>novel translation never
Why even live?

The manga was axed. Theres no point in continuing it.

No, unironically main 2 characters are the best characters

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So is this manga finished or should I just not read it?