One Piece


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Please post Carrot


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What's this guys name?

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Is there an official FUNK day?

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It's Foods Poo


the kaidos son

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Sanj couldn't even beat this fucking guy...

His name's not What. It's Who.

Momo is Kaido's son. There will be a Star Wars moment
>You killed my father!!!
>No... I am your father

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Who's who?


Did Garp lose his dog hat just so Dalmatian could exist?

who's who is who

Garp his his face in the East Blue because Oda already drew him before One Piece and didn't want to give him away in a cover story

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>peace main pirate

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Exactly the response I was hoping for

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Thinking of Mr Prince why doesn't he go on a stealth operation. Would be great seeing him fuck their enemies shit up like he used to.

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Yellow Submarine aside, the army is supposed to split into three parts
>Kin's army
>Denji's army
Of course all the Straw Hats and Kid Pirates go as idiots, but what about the rest? Sicilian said he wants to lead the minks, so they probably go as one unit (ruler birds might go with SHs though, given how they kept together with them up until now). Hyou said he wants to lead the samurai, but given it's the majority of the forces, it appears pretty absurd, especially since Kinemon and Denjiro decided to stay behind after his declaration. Shinobu might keep to Kinemon as they're tight. Hyou and Denjiro in one team (including Yakuza) could be a thing too. Also, we still didn't see Caribou.

On the sidenote, do you think the alliance is walking into another trap? Kanjuro had a headstart over them after all. Or something happened to him?

so which arc had your favorite art?


I want to have smooth and lovely sex with him, kiss him and ....ANALLY RAPE HIM UNTIL HE FAINTS FROM PAIN.

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It's still de facto a thing in One Piece. Just not named.

whoa slow down there

goosh goosh

that day is

Is this a prediction? GODA?????

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I did the math and this is how tall I'd be next to Kiku.

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Look, Kiku's great and all, but Perona has the softest feet in One Piece.

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i know, still i prefer that it's something the reader learns by themselves by watching how different pirate groups act in the world rather than having two named groups that every pirate is classified into since the beginning. like they were part of two different organizations or something

I can't remember, did anything ever happen with all those people that escaped level 5?

How would you handle that situation?

you would need to be standing on a little box to give him a proper blowjob


>Luffy the enemy is hiding in the womens bath, I'm sure of it
>I better stake it out for a few hours just to be safe

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