What are some some homo series/BL you are reading since everything is getting delayed?

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wrong board

dude i love smaurai shampoo

I tried reading some on mrm but they all sucked.
Moreover Fuugou Keiji, the only anime I liked and was looking forward to each week, is fucking cancelled.
I want to die.

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do it

Nah, too much effort.

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I have decided to go back to the roots and read Thomas no Shinzou. KazeUta is next. I feel ashamed for ignoring the classcis for so long.

The goddamn elitism of these threads.

>thomas no shinzou
Ohh, good idea. I never got around to check this one out.

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Kitsutsuki Tanteidokoro isn't delayed (yet), so that's one good thing in this anime drought.

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The fuck? Nobody said anything remotely elitist yet.

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It will happen.
The OP pic attracts the worst scum of Yas Forums.

probably the best thing this season, homo or not

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Oh I forgot to check this out, thanks for reminding me.
What were your impressions so far?

Now that we've spent so much time in quarantine, can we finally admit Uchihas were hot?

the character models look kinda off to me.

The show itself is really pretty but the the way they just automatically started accusing each other of murder even though they’re supposed to be good friends felt weird to me. I’m going to keep watching to see where it goes though

People dig the visuals and the taisho setting in general. The first ep mystery was a bit ehh but 2nd ep got interesting. Hard to say more than that since it's only started.

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you need to be 18 to post here

I still can't believe it was one of the manga that inspired Berserk.

Much like I've been checking out some older stuff. Patalliro for classic flowery homo and Hibari kun because I'm a trapfag too.

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Good to know, I tend to forget about the 3 ep rule so I'll try to hold on even if it's a struggle.

It's obvious at least the detective has a plan.

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I was a huge itachifag when I was a teen, but I have enough self respect to have moved on from that franchise.

homo anime/manga is anime/manga

>implying anyone below 18 read Naruto

This one was so disappointing after all the hype. The dude is hot but that's it

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no. you have another board for that

Such as? Yas Forums is the only board for anime and manga.

Don't reply.

Based. I liked this series but somehow I never completed it. I was watching thirds of episode on youtube so yeah. At some point it stopped working.

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You can go back to your shithole.
Yeah, the episodes so far didn't excite me. Too chaotic, dumb progression and resolution.

Kakeru and Haiji.

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does she have a dikku?

I liked that, it was a nice change to the usual "I know you're not the killing type so I'll find a way to prove you innocent" schtick. Maybe Ishikawa actually has some plan and he's just trolling, but if not then that just makes him a flawed detective. Would be an interesting twist in the relationship between him and Kindaichi.

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I can't believe the anime is finally close to being completely subbed. I'm not too happy with the subs as they could use some tlc, but I'm glad someone at last took up the challenge.

I dl'd the final volume of Otouto no Otto. I had forgotten about it after they stopped scanlating it.

you know which. use it

Speak for yourself, I had a lot of fun watching each episode.

What do you think? Uncultured swine.

Fuck you too

Yeah it was shit.


True. If you think about it, just having any fansubs to begin with is already pretty lucky for older anime.
IIRC one of the homothreads mentioned it not too long ago and that's how I ended up looking for a complete batch. In this case too it's pretty fortunate that there even is one.

Lame and generic.

>Speak for yourself, I had a lot of fun watching each episode.
Yes, no shit I speak for myself, are you retarded?


Yeah, Yas Forums, the board to discuss anime and manga.


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Because you guys have shit taste so you will never know.
If you can't see how poor the writing is, I suggest you to read up about anime production or to watch more anime.

Generic buddy cop that can't get along initially but will end up working well in the end.

What's wrong with that? I love this stuff.

I’m rewatching this show, it’s just too good. All the characters are great and I love how they interact with each other outside of the MCs, it makes them feel like they’re all actually friends.And the development of Kakeru and Haiji’s relationship was fantastic. The way Kakeru goes from shitting on Haiji’s plans to becoming the embodiment of running to Haiji is so beautiful. It’s basically not even subtext at the end with the whole “I’m in love (with running)” and then “To me, Haiji is running”.

It's generic and boring. Also the cases are stupid.

You could say a lot of titles are "generic" since a lot of them share the same beats. Whether something is truly generic or not is in the execution and we've seen barely any of the story for us to judge on that

The first two episodes are out and it's shit so far.

So many shows getting delayed. Fuck Corona-chan (male). Fuck Xinnie the Pooh.

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