Yas Forums on the right

Yas Forums on the right

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Wrong, he’s not in his basement and he’s actually Japanese.

Also on the left.

more like on the left


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it dont work no mo!

That's /jp/

I want Shinka to abuse my balls!

Get on the waiting list.


Do you remember when that episode aired? You know the one.

me, cumming in my pants

Yea. It really showed Kyoani were the masters of action animation.



That Shinka looked so wrong, what the hell were they thinking?

I miss kigami.

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*ruins your show*

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I honestly liked her and think she should have won the yutabowl

is the movie any good? can I skip season 2?

The movie is the conclusion to season 2

I should really rewathch chu-2. Because of you faggots I don't remember anything about the show, I only know you pricks turned me into a femdomfag due to all the shinkaposting

Shinka is my wife but we havent make love for 3 months. Out of the blue, she asks my opinion for threesome with her acquaintance, Dekomori. Should i accept her offer?

How much of a beta fuck retard you have to be to choose the drooling autistic Rikka when you have delicious 2pig2 ready and ripe for the picking.

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the slut only talked to mc-kun because she wanted her magic book, not because she liked him

Bold of you to assume Shinka even wanted him.

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They were like twin siblings.

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She's honestly scary and intimidating.

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that's why she is so hot

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Meant to reply to

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That scene was from Yuuta's dream you idiot.

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