Domestic na Kanojo 271 spoiler

>Hina is no dead but unconscious(coma ?)

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She'll be unconscious for the next 2 chapters (or timeskip ) while natsuo gets over his conflicted feelings and realizes she's the one
Parallel to his mother Flashback chapter

>wait a bit to see which direction the wind is truly blowing.

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Kei is a tsundere confirmed

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should've used a truck

>rui's not the evocative drama in the end.

>the ending is about hina


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>like this whole fucking manga has always been about Hina .
All this suffering is more of a winner flag though cause a lot of heroines have suffered only to get a massive win.

You all know what it means, my dog is barking right now.

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>ruifags celebrating the battle when hina will inevitably win the war
Sasuga sasuga.

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Hina a best
Rui a shit

>Hina is gonna win cause her drama is being saved for last.
Hina is the character who moves the story.

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>anons thinking hina has a chance in 4 chapters vs her pregnant sister whom the main character loves

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>Needing a fucking coma in the final act to win
Not sure why you guys are applauding this when it's contrived and pathetic as hell.
>inb4 ruifag
I just swoop in on this shitshow for laughs and I'm glad I've never spent much time on it.

I see
>Hina will wake up after 1 or 2 years
>Hina will think that Rui and Natsuo are endgame" married and happy".But the truth is that they separated during her coma(no baby)
>Natsuo waited all the time to express his feelings for Hina.
>Stalker is coming but he will be killed by the power of love

No Isekai this time, only memory loss.
Or Hina turns into a vegetable.

>domestic girlfriend
>because she can't live her own house

Yes, she will win the Shuu bowl after waking up.

>spoiler 271

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Spoiler part 2
>Okunugi is being investigated and charged for drunk driving, which could have resulted in death.

(Credit: Black Cat Scanlations)

we only need amnesia to get all the cliches

>Amnesia arc = Hina victory
Her eternal love will help her to remember everything

>Yes, she will win the Shuu bowl after waking up.
I don't buy it, Shuu storyline is over.
Kei show us during 270 chapters that Hina's love for Natsuo is Unbreakable.
She will go against the destiny and God for Natsuo!!!

Why are you people still reading this.

>Hina's cover

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>Hina's love for Natsuo is Unbreakable.
Unless she'll forget about it.

No it's shit, look at her face
>also cover of penultimate volume oh nononono, Ruichads we can only win

Rui's cover in a wedding dress (If Kei is so cliche and she probably is) will be more beautiful.

>cover vol27... Hina with
>Natsuo's rings (necklace)
>Natsuo's book

OK endgame girl !!!!!!!!!!