Yas Forums collab manga thread

Welcome to Yas Forums (probably) most ambitious project, first read the pic.
This is the first thread, if anything is missing in the OP it will be added in the next one.
Also: I won't have the time to be a full time editor, just don't know how to choose the first editors in order to trust them so I'll establish myself who is kickstarting the project as one to be someone who can be trusted not to be trolling.
Remember we have no generals, so the thread will come and go by its own popularity, no need to keep it always up

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>and go by its own popularity

Grey should die gang rise up!

We're here, but what the fuck happens now?

frig off, you don't kill off the best character one chapter in

>Leglet seething begins

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Editor spot taken

>Lives or dies by it's popularity
We're already in WSJ?

Now we should brainstorm as to get a somewhat decent story

Fug forgot to put in name

>Popularity polls for the editors instead of the characters
That'd be pretty funny actually

As far as I know generals are not allowed in Yas Forums so this or nothing

He's a great character

Should we start by making consistent main characters and backgrounds for them?

Let's start with genre and tone.

>Shonen, Seinen, Shoujo, Josei
>Comedy, Drama, Horror, Action
>Fantasy, science fiction, real world
>Character driven or story driven?

Yeah, I think it's a good start.

Sounds good. What genre is this gonna be anyway? What's the idea behind the story?

Also, should we actually try to be serious about it or just have fun with it (à la /lit/'s collabs)?

Alright let's get it out of the way.
Here's our MC
She has tiny legs and is a helicopter.
She may possess terrifying magical girl powers beyond comprehension that destroyed the world but her main focus in life is massive swole throbbing legs.
She is also the worst girl, I like Helichan.

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I'd say start by defining the main protagonist. Name, age, personality, goals... Decide all that stuff and condense it into a simple description.

It should be all of them, depending on the character that we do the POV from

Do we make a poll or do we let anons write ideas for different genres and then choose?

Real world
Character driven

I'll start with a base for gray, feel free to add anything. Name ideas would be appreciated.
>Around 30 years of age, Grey has always had an easy life due to his massive yaoi hands which meant he never had any difficulties winning in a fight. After corona however, he was laid off and became homeless. One day while sleeping in his own trash can a mysterious figure approached, Grey got up to scare it off but instead the figure closed the lid right on his wrist causing him to lose his hands. When he woke up both the figure and hands were nowhere to be found. Since he no longer could use his hands he decided to train his legs as a substitute, hoping they would help him find this figure and his lost hands.

The problem with polls is that how we make them without the fear of rigging? Silent mayority and all that shit.

Won't it be better if we set the story first? I feel writing the mc around the setting is better than the other way around

Some people should probably have their names on so no one gets confused.

Are we gonna use the previous characters? If so we need to shonen shit it up to have maximum fun.

I doubt a collab can make a good serious story. I'd vote for something fun.

We gotta keep a balance, if editors take all the decisions the thread loses some soul, if everything is decided through polls some may be rigged. So a little of each. I think the genre can be polled without editors intervention

Agreed. How about we make it topical? The world could be one where corona turned out to be much more deadly, wiping out a good chunk of the population. Anarchy is present everywhere except a select few places.


real world
story driven

Mostly seconded, but it'd probably end up being a soft seinen or just a shounen.
For fun for sure.

>Yas Forums
>Making anything worthwhile
Good luck on wasting your time, losers

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Being topical is a red flag for a hack writter.

I want a middle-aged ugly bastard MC. Everyone thinks he's a creep but he actually isn't.

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Corona is more deadly, but it also gives certain people ENHANCED BREATHING POWERS which for some reason lets them do shit like shoot lightning and regenerate their limbs.

No, that thread is a little demonstration of what can be done. We are going to do a bigger project so let's flesh this one out a little more

It should be about a guy getting NTR'd by his father.

I'd like it to be something serious



Yeah, it's not like we have enough free time anyways.

I really fucking like this to be honest. I mean I would seriously read it

>we should be able to create the perfect story
>"perfect story"
Pft no way it'll be ironic garbage memey storytelling with meta self-aware Yas Forums references in mspaint

At least be honest about what you CAN and CANNOT do. You just set yourself too high an expectation and setting yourself up for a disappointment

>Arguing over concepts
Ahhh this is familiar, this is about the time I start wishing I could draw a thing.
I want helichan to keep her odd coloured eyes it's basically tradition for a board waifu
And her socks should fall down cause she has tiny legs.

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