Manga literally nobody here reads but you

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there were a couple of posts about it earlier today/last night

You are not that special user. Yas Forums loves weaponized autism.

You probably finished it, and wanted thread about it, so you posted this. I know that feeling user, I almost always make a thread when I finish something, and then it only get ~10 posts max.
Yugami is pretty cool, but I would love if he worldview was challenged more. For example he breaks his leg, but doesn't have phone to call his friends whom he dosen't have or something like that.

Prison Lab

Atleast the work you want to talk about is Translated...

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Why was this never got adapted into an anime?

Drifting Dragons and Girl from the Other Side

>Drifting Dragons
That's now well known thanks to that awful anime.

I really like this series but translation has been SO SLOW.

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Nobody watched the anime but Polygon Pictures is a great studio.

It is my favorite manga of all time.

oh shit I love this series, I never see anyone mention it. I've gotta catch up sometime, I like waiting for a bunch of chapters and binging them

Don't forget that Kaori is adorable.

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Still unsure if it'll actually go for age-gap romance route

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like nothing else

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I know at least 2-3 diehard Yugamifags in this board
unless it was just you samefagging the whole time

A manga about cute girls smashing heretics

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2 of them are probably me as I've adopted multiple personas of differing levels of interest just so I could initiate discussion in this goddamn board
Sometimes I even talk to myself and artificially bloat the interest

I replied to your thread about this like two days ago, don't lie.

user, seek help.

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I know, I know
I just can't help but feel insulted by the lack of discussion here
I can't promise you I'll seek help but I can promise you this won't be the last you'll see of me, though
Thank you for your concern

Isaak, nip wank manga but the art is too good and it has interesting time period

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Make that 3. I just don't spam posts with it. That's reserved for my boy Itoh Sei.
Go read Kouya.

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because it's over. i remember seeing a lot of threads about it a while ago which is why i started reading it. pic related on topic

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woops I meant Issak

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I read part of this years ago when scanlations were dead but it really didn't seem that interesting.

Cestvs is really good and I haven't seen a single post about it. Probably because it's in hiatus but still, this manga should be more popular

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Please, read it. It has cute little cats.

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Dungeon of Black Company

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Cestvs is excellent if you aren't reading it monthly. There's never enough in one chapter. And do you have more info on the hiatus?

Scans are alive. It's the highest quality scanlation I've ever seen too. Only issue is updates are a bit slow but I'm letting more chapters build up before I read it.

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