No new episode today. They'll start the reruns with episode 1 of Healin' Good instead.

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i like this op
Magazine spoilers for the episode that would've aired next week.
>wind element says "it's been a while since I've met a Precure"
>previous Precure used to live in Sukoyaka
>used to be Teatinu's partner

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Thank you user.

Will they rerun older seasons?

healin bad

Iirc they were going to start rerunning FW starting from this week, and go foward until either every season has been aired or the hiatus end. I think that it would be cool if they aired a random episode each week.

Hey, this spoils that Hinata won't be quitting.

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I love it but I'm never totally sure how much of that is just love for the series as a whole.

it's up

from what I recall it's just starting at ep. 1 of HG and going straight through until hiatus ends but then again I've heard so many mixed things about what they're doing now due to a lot of mistranslations

It's a great OP but I think the two best are still Maho and Suite
They list HG ep 1 here so I doubt they'll be rerunning random episodes. I don't think they expect the hiatus to last that long, even though it very well may.

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It's in my top three favorite OP's. It's one of the few that I can sing along with.

It's pretty good.

Maho's OP is way, way too good.

This rabbit is too smug.

had a folder with a few things I'd been meaning to stitch and didn't, so I'm getting to that now

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This is nice.
And cute.

>This is nice.
>And cute.
it is, innit?

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and that's all I got

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Will the Healin' Goods get a beach episode?

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>Mai in the op

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I didn't know Pegitan even had a birthday

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I hope so. I doubt it, however.

They don't normally give the fairies birthdays right? I've never noticed

Don't forget that our shitposting central is still up


it was a thread here that was clearly on topic and had over 200 posts but some retarded mod moved it for god knows what reason

as for why that user is pushing it as a "shitposting central" instead of leaving it to die, fuck if I know

It was definitely not on topic with an OP like that. That's just asking for shitposting.

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this isn't the kind of artwork I was hoping that costume would inspire

Geez they're still planning on doing the movie roadshow in May? That aint happening

oh right

kinda sucks, but I'm using the time to watch older seasons, so it's okay

Is the Hinata depression episode going today or not?
If not, damn that was a weird cliffhanger to enter hiatus, little girls are going to be depressed too.

fuck if I know why user wants it to die instead of becoming shitposting central

Not anymore

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