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He raped his wife

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When is she coming back (Toga I mean)

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Next volume

Is this true? I dropped it, but based if true

>He raped his wife
Are you joshing me?

Reminder he did nothing wrong. He defended his kids from a mother who throws boiling water on their faces, and bonded with his son by personally training him to reach his dream of becoming a pro hero

I dont know about all that, but villain can kiss Mina's ass.

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Well this thread is off to a great start

So let me get this, the LOV had this gal with them for four days and nothing happened to her?

It is physically impossible to rape your partner.

wtf I'm a villain now

Not quite. Its mentioned that he had only kids to create one that eventually has both ice & fire powers, and it was mentioned that he mistreated his wife
no actual rape was ever mentioned. At best one could assume he pressured into sex, which is still not rape

>Since the beginning of "War arc" many people think that Shigaraky will wake up and destroy all heroes in Thanos style. But many of you forgot about old "Stargazer" from 244 chapter. And I believe that this old man has the ability to see the future through symbols. So today I am going to solve this "prophecy" and wanna hear your opinion about that! Let's start! At the end of 243 chapter Stargazer appears and tells "I obtained revelation from heavens, the smile of Hades(Dark lord in viz) shines wryly on thee". So I assume that Hades(Dark Lord) is definitely AFO. He is the one who thinks about himself as Dark Lord and "Hades" characterization are suitable for him. Also, AFO behaves like he knows everything that's going on. And especially in 269 chapter it seems like he is looking upon all this raid and smiles. He always smiles like Hades from the old man's prophecy.
Second and most crazy words of "old man". "Evil stars are conspiring"... "This Earth shall be consumed by darkness" Many of us, think that "Evil Stars" meant to be Shigaraki and his army. But my friend noticed that stars in mythology are a symbol of high status, kings, rulers.Also, she pointed out one little detail...Symbol of Hero Commission. It is a rhombus. rhombus can be drawn like a Star.We know that Hero Commission hides dark secrets. Especially about Hawks and etc. But Stargazer continues " Go forth Servant of Hades"So, "Stargazer" assumed that "Evil Stars are hiding and they serve Hades or Dark Lord" interesting. They know that in the past AFO has so much power that it was impossible for Gran Torino to hide All might. Could it be that All might did not defeat all of Afos servants and some of them still alive? The last thing, Stargazer tried to attack Endeavour because "He will be the one who brings darkness". His "fire will bring darkness and destruction"
I read the archived thread and there were some interesting post and discussion and I was wondering if anyone has something to add

Who wants to make the new OP?


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agree on points
>shiggy isn't the final villain
>Hero Commission has some shady stuff
>AFO didn't have one servant
>AFO servants went underground waiting for new orders

disagree on point
>Stargazer might be talking about OFA since al might compare it to light
>AFO isn't Hades but more of Ares

>walking to hero training
>feel a tap on on your shoulder
>turn around
>see this
what do

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Yeah, Toga replaced her

What did he mean by it?

neither in the vows nor in a marriage contract does it ever state you force your partner to have sex with you, even if they don't want to. Nor does it state in the law that marriage partners are exempt from rape by their partner

But you already knows this, you just want to look tough in front of the cool kids on Yas Forums

sorry I already have car insurance

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>>AFO isn't Hades but more of Ares
Typhon suits him better.

>To love and to hold till death do you part

Also no where does it say the wife is entitled to half the money but it happens anyway.

>Also no where does it say the wife is entitled to half the money but it happens anyway.
Yes, the laws say it clear as day, actually. If you don't want to follow it that's your problems. Also I'm pretty sure domestic violence and abuse is also against the laws.

>his wife
literally impossible


No, Toga had her. The LOV had no idea what Toga was up to. Apparently Toga drugged her, kept her alive, and set her loose afterwards. Toga may have harvested enough Camie blood to look like her for weeks.

Marriage is not something that should be handled by the state. Also, an unjust law is no law at all, and it is therefore your obligation to defy such bs.

Send your complaints to the president, child support skipper.

>Wife is entitled to half your shit
>Husband is entitled to jack fucking shit, not even sex

Sounds like bullshit to me, but you do you man.

>neither in the vows nor in a marriage contract does it ever state you force your partner to have sex with you
Of course it doesn’t. If they chose to marry you, that means any and every sex act is consensual.

I’m not a retard, I know what a prenup is.

Standing paizuri


Offscreen :(

No such thing