The H-scenes ruined Fate

I can't take the characters seriously after watching them

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I'm reading it right now. Why do you have them turned on? The new scenes that replaced them in Realta Nua are way better and fit the characters. These new scenes are canon, the H-scenes aren't anymore.

What I do is I read the new canon scene, then for fun I go back to a previous save, turn on H-scenes and read the H-scene for the memes. They do suck but eh who cares it's kind of fun to see what people read back then.

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So i'm not the only one dropping just after the first sex scene?

>plays hentai vn
>complains about the hentai

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>Hm, I think I will read this popular coomer fantasy epic that everyone is talking about!
>wtf, why is there so much horny?!?!

Calling it a hentai VN when the canon version has been released for 8 years is honestly getting old. There are new scenes that replaced them, it's literally your choice if you want the sex scenes or not. So if you dropped it because of sex scenes when you had the choice whether to leave them in or not you are retarded.

Fate ruined Fate.

Dropped just after the "sperm of a magus can power a servant" so if you are a girl magus you are et a disadvantage? If you Fuck berserker in the ass does your sperm power him as well?

Why don't shirou just go around with multiple sperm vial to power saber on the go?

Ridiculous shit

Why did you think magicians are better than female mages

the entire concept of the series is predicated on shipping and fucking, you can't exactly ignore it's influence on the entire property

Cause they don't have their own magus cum to power their servant

Yes but some people in this thread willingly read the h-scenes no one likes then complained about it. I'm saying it's retarded to do so when the newer release had scenes that replaced them. I think the h-scenes are fucking retarded but skip through them for the memes.

Wait I haven't read it but I'm pretty sure there's a scene of RIn fucking Saber so it should work for women too no?

Tsukihime's are much worse, not to mention Shiki and his obsession with wearing trousers while fucking.

Just before shirou fuck saber but she just did it to prepare saber for shirou cock, she didn't give her power

Do you not take your parents seriously cause they had sex?

The characters being one dimensional retards ruined them more.

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false equivalence fallacy

He likes to do it through the hole

It's literally the same thing, incel

Ah, you missed Rin giving Shirou power by him fucking her. Sex magic just works the way it needs to.

My parents didn't have premarital sex

You don't even know what that phrase means

People also shit every day. Does that mean every piece of art should describe the everyday shitting in details?

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Not an argument

You're dumb. The argument is you don't have one

Do you usually peek at your parents having sex?



The whole writing style is shit. The sex scenes just makes it even more obvious.

>apples ruined apple pies
This is how OP sounds.

only if it's the author's original intent