What is your favorite age in anime?

What is your favorite age in anime?

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17 or 10-12


I love JC/JK but JS make me hard too

the sexiest age

Can someone please explain these terms to me?


Joshi - girl
S - Shogakusei - elementary
C - Chuugakusei - middle
K - koukousei - high

25+ I love me some Christmas cakes

the last one I forgot:
D - Daigakusei (college)

the budding breasts age.

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The age when they look like this.

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JC stands for Perfect Girls.

What's middle school?

JC of course.

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15 desu

1000 years old

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Have you tried using search queries that might possibly relate to the image?

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What is that thing?

My strike zone is 12 to 35.


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9 months.

Yeah, brings an anthology book, but fucking sadpanda gives a black page, I have to bypass it again, but I dont have time right now, and worst thing, Im pretty sure I already have it, but cant remember its name and its ahassle to look for in my >170GB loli doujin folder.
At least saucenao gave me a name. Fuck sadpanda.



>I dont have time right now
If you have the time to coom, you have time to get past the panda.

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I dunno somewhere between the Age of Doubt and Age of Reclaimation.

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Yeah, but its always a hassle to have to bypass every 3 or so months.

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I like cute 17-year-olds

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Men of culture