Is this worth finishing? I'm on episode 11 and even though I like the individual stories, it just feels like a slog.

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I like its OP.

I'm amazed you even enjoyed the individual stories. As with most anime, the show really drags in the middle, but unlike a lot of others, it doesn't really pick up ever again. By the time you actually get to the end, it's like "Yeah, I kinda figured it was something like this, and I can only see this playing out in one of two or three unsatisfying ways, and it'll be a drag regardless."

It's literally just "dude what if fucked up situation but with kids" combined with a bunch of baseless angst

How did you get that far into it without someone telling you to read the manga instead?

Probably with the power of oooeeeaaeeooo-ooo-oo-eee

The stories helped to provide some reason for the their angst.
I think my real problem is the "friends" don't really add to the story until their turn is up, they are background characters.
Past experience has told me to hold off talking about it on Yas Forums until I finish it.

Then you should pause it and start the manga.

Go for the manga. You control the pace.

Drop this shit & read the manga while blasting Uninstall the entire time.

The anime's story goes off the rails and spits on the manga's themes. It's not a replacement or even an alternative to reading the manga.

read the Lensman

Found it boring af and i'm not reading the manga fuck you all

The only good episodes involve the tomboy. Read the manga. It's still heavy handed edgy trash but it's not as shit as the anime. Also the OP is one of my all time favorites.

No. The second half of anime is terrible. Anime director hated the manga and made up his own fanfiction. Manga was great.

Your loss.

If there's one thing I don't like about the manga, it's that most of the kids don't get too much development until it's their time. Jun is the one who develops the most and that's because he's the one who lasts the longest. Dung Beetle gets a shit ton of development towards the end but it comes off as just as sudden as the kids hearing their name and realizing "yeah, time for death." I hear Kitoh's going to make a new chapter for the deluxe editions that's going to launch later this year if all goes well. I wonder what it could be. Probably some filler short story tier shit like that chapter where Chizu's family getting conned on a vacation

That just reeks of unprofessionalism.

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The manga will leave you depressed to the max, it was great.

Man this author has a hateboner for his characters that make Miura look like a caring mother.

Guy was a former Ghibli movie director making his first foray into directing TV anime, and then he never directed anything again after this. I think clearly he didn't know how to do things in the TV anime industry.

IIRC I could have sworn I heard him direct an episode of Shinsekai Yori (specifically the infamous one where the two male leads smootch) and then he said something anti-Semitic or whatever. But my point is, it's fine if he thinks the series is dogshit but he's paid to direct an adaptation and he should strive to follow it or at the very least keep the spirit of the work. It couldn't be completely 100% accurate to the manga as it hadn't even finished at that point but still. He was just a bad fit for the series I guess. Oh well, at least the OP was on point.

I meant directing a whole project. He may have done episodes, I don't know.

I totally agree he's a faggot, I just think he was probably going in with the mindset Ghibli has -" we bought rights to this thing we feel like working on, we'll do whatever we feel like and it might be totally different" mindset - and wasn't made for the TV industry's "here's this thing people like, the publisher commissioned us, make an anime version of it" mindset. I mean, not that anime original content was unusual back then, but this shit was different.

Ah.I wonder if he ran his stuff by Kitoh who was just collecting paychecks and said "just do whatever lmao." Berserk's anime changed stuff here and there but the director ran his stuff by Miura who gave him the okay.

He did run it by Kitoh, if I remember right he asked if he could save the kids and Kitoh said "You just can't use magic to bring them back" or something like that. Dunno what Kitoh's opinions on the changes overall were. I've seen people say Kitoh distanced himself from the anime after it came out, but I don't know if that's true or not.

There's a Light Novel of Bokurano called Bokurano Alternate which changes quite a bit: There's two OC's, the order of the kids being called upon is different and the first game is an away game, Maki doesn't exist and Mako gets adopted by Maki's otaku dad and mom etc.There's a interview with Kitoh at the end of the first volume where he goes on a long rant about choices in RPGs and adaptations where you could give it to someone who runs it into the ground and on the other hand you can give it to someone who makes you go "why didn't I think of that?" and make you feel like a moron. I took the earlier part about running it to the ground as a passive aggressive swipe at the anime adaptation

Oh, shit, someone read that. I've been meaning to get around to it, is it any good? That does sound like a pretty pointed comment, yeah.

There's a dude who has translated half of it but he hasn't updated in years so I'm sure it's dead. The first volume is fantastic. the second volume has some asspulls that ruin it and the bits of the third volume that are translated have been decent. I've tried looking for the raws but I can't find a direct download and the torrent's stuck at 63% and will be stuck there until the end of time.

Here's the link.

I enjoyed the Bokurano anime, but the first half is better than the second.
If what you didn't like was the lack of time with the characters, you may end up liking the second half more, but the plot overall gets less interesting and they get rid of some of the aspects that made the first half good.

They ran out of material and it went to shit. Honestly, it should have been split into two seasons instead of a two cour.

It's shit. Read the manga instead.

Manga was terrible, so I don't blame the anime director for trying to make something better. The whole manga is just a grimdark ripoff of Matchless Raijin-Oh.

Don't do this

I love the manga and view the direction the TV show took as markedly inferior but yeah, you could boil the entire premise down to a edgy retelling of the Eldoran trilogy. That's pretty much what these "le epic deconstructions" are, remixes of previous works.